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While craft breweries are hot to trot these days, the distillery or winery has been around since a bygone era. Making your own alcohol and bringing joy to visitors (and people who buy your booze, far and wide) is as time-honored as drinking itself is, but we're kind of loving that ladies are at the helm. Here are 15 standout women-run spirit companies that are changing the game for drinkers all over the country.


You may be single, or just in a non-defined, too complicated to explain, relationship. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a lot more pressure than it’s worth for singles and those coupled. That’s why we’re all about giving a gift to the one person we KNOW puts us first: Ourselves. And even better, all these Valentine's Day gifts are from badass women-created companies!


If you are on the road a lot for travel, there’s some special gear you need to make the most of your time (and come out of it unscathed). Even better, most of them are from women-owned companies.


The verdict is in: holiday gifting is one of the most stressful parts of the season. Each year we tell ourselves we will get started early, but we somehow always find ourselves scrambling last minute in search of just the right thing for people we care about.


Is there a woman you know who is so busy that the holiday season is almost an inconvenience? For her, no ordinary gift will do as she hates clutter and non-functional devices. For her, one must pick the best of the best; items that multitask and offer unique benefits that she never even knew her life needed .

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