A Travel Gadget Guide For Go-Getter Girls

If you are on the road a lot for travel, there’s some special gear you need to make the most of your time (and come out of it unscathed). Even better, most of them are from women-owned companies.

Here, 16 of our favorite gadgets for the ultimate business-savvy go-getter gal, the woman on the go, the traveler who barely has time to read this guide.

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Economist Victoria Bateman’s Nude Protests Are Challenging Women’s Roles In Economics

Dr. Victoria Bateman, an esteemed economist best known for her nude protests for gender equality, uses her body as a form of art that serves to challenge the stigma around women's bodies and women's rights, in the world of economics. In March 2018, Bateman attended the annual conference of the Royal Economic Society in Brighton stark naked with the word "respect" written across her chest and stomach. Unbashful in delivering her message, Bateman was determined to start a conversation.