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There is no denying that the digitization of best business practices has streamlined the entire process of employment — all the way from applying to hiring. LinkedIn was founded in 2003 on the basis that you don't have to shake hands to network anymore and is only one of countless platforms and digital methods that have replaced job fairs, handing out business cards, and the ever-dreaded cold-calling. However, in a time where jobs are going digital at a faster rate than ever, the new way to stand out may actually not be so new at all.

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Being an entrepreneur comes with a load of stress. It is exciting to be starting something of your own and be free from having a boss or the demands of a corporation. But let's face it; you are suddenly playing every role in the company: marketing, managing, public relations, book-keeping, etc., and that is a lot to juggle. Keeping your stress levels in check is critical, and to do that you need to focus on three main things: diet, exercise and relaxation.

It was one of the most valuable lessons I learned early in my career about what constituted a good meeting: always come prepared. Preparation to make a meeting as painless as possible was key. Otherwise, you have to be prepared to kill the meeting as one of my favorite leaders always did. There are plenty of bad things happening right now. We don't need to add the stress of a bad meeting to that list.

I barely met this person an hour ago, briefly judged him, and hadn't even heard of the program he mentioned. He instructed me how I can apply for him to be my official mentor and to email him the following week. From then on, we met every day once a month for coffee. Never once was he late, never once did he not have a notebook and pen prepared for our meeting, and never once did he not begin our conversation with, "Are you taking care of your mental health?"

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