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As the CEO of JOOR, the leading platform for wholesale business management, I spend my days immersed in the fashion industry. I'm used to weighing in on things like technology decisions, e-commerce trend, and the importance of real-time data.


While attending Penn State Law, I made $300,000 in thirteen months by buying and selling stocks. When people hear my story of success, they ask the obvious question: "how?". After all, school in general -- but especially law school -- is supposed to be a drain on the finances. How had I overcome the enormous amount of debt school poses for most and actually grown my assets in the process?


A good question I am frequently asked by my patients is "at what age should I start focusing on preventative health measures including diet, lifestyle and aesthetics?"

The answer is now!

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Hooray! You are off and running in a new year and a new decade with impressive dreams, impactful goals, and a bucket list overflowing with possibilities.


TV Guide magazine declared it "The Worst TV Show Ever." Simultaneously, it was the top-rated daytime talk show in the United States. "Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!" flowed out of the television set and into over 3 million homes every day. Briefly, this included mine.


My entrepreneurial journey started when I was kid. Growing up, my mom and dad were both entrepreneurs. I remember that with everything I did, even then, I always thought I could turn it into a business. My mom put me in gymnastics, and when my friends would come over I thought I should charge each friend $10 and give them gymnastics lessons. Not realizing certifications, insurance, etc., I just wanted to figure out a way to make money. I was eight.


I vividly remember a team meeting at the start of a new year with one of my very first managers.

"Let's share our New Year's Resolutions!"


The theme of the TedX event was Rethinking Relationships. My idea worth sharing was that students with mediocre grades shouldn't be looked down upon instead mediocrity in school could be an indicator that the child may be destined for leadership. My talk would be entitled C-student to the C-suite. Basically, I would be asking everyone to rethink the relationship we have with grades and what that tells us about a child since I had been an average student and made it to the C-suite I was the perfect one to dive into this topic. After two months, many phone calls, thank you notes and pleading, I was officially told that I had been selected for TedXBocaRaton. Yay!!!!! I was elated and right away I sat down to draft my talk.


For decades, women have been unknowingly suffering from PSD and intergenerational trauma, but now Dr. Valerie Rein wants women to reclaim their power through mind, body and healing tools.

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