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It's easy to be inspired when progress is being made. However, the true challenge of hope will always be to maintain it when momentum slows or, harder still, when the opposition is gaining more ground than we are. While these statements may seem obvious as we consider moments in our lives where the going got tough and the tough had to get going, it's sometimes a challenge to see these ideas represented in traditional entertainment where we can usually count on a happily ever after.

There is no denying that the digitization of best business practices has streamlined the entire process of employment — all the way from applying to hiring. LinkedIn was founded in 2003 on the basis that you don't have to shake hands to network anymore and is only one of countless platforms and digital methods that have replaced job fairs, handing out business cards, and the ever-dreaded cold-calling. However, in a time where jobs are going digital at a faster rate than ever, the new way to stand out may actually not be so new at all.

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As we are all stuck indoors for the time being with the chaos of the world weighing heavily on our minds, I can't help but feel painfully… not horny. Clearly I love sex, I own a sex toy store! It's masturbation month! But I've gotta say that my masturbation has become more to-the-point than ever. As a sex educator who frequently preaches about sexual pleasure not being goal-oriented or orgasm-focused, I've actually been doing just that — masturbating as briefly and efficiently as possible.

She walks into a room ready for her presentation. She wants to land this new client and has worked weeks on it. She heads to the 35th floor of the tallest building on the block knowing she has documentation that is sure to impress. The conference room has a 20-foot long table surrounded by executives in blue suits, button-down shirts, pencil skirts, and blazers.

At this point, she realizes she didn't take into consideration the other important component of her presentation... she is not dressed appropriately.

Nearly a decade ago when I graduated and was about to foray into the professional world, I was very clear on the end goal: social impact. Having grown up around the globe and being exposed to the acute circumstances of the developing world, I was always aware of "the bottom billion."

After more than two years, two doctors, countless negative pregnancy tests, one miscarriage, and one failed IUI treatment cycle, we are still waiting. Our plans have not become our reality. Now, our plans are indefinitely on hold because of a pandemic. A pandemic?! Now that's a curveball that not even a seasoned infertility warrior could have seen coming, especially one that was two weeks away from starting IVF.

I've always been an introvert and a woman—two traits which aren't exactly relished by the business world. Yet I am also a long-time leader in my organiziaton. I am, therefore, writing this to argue in favor of the introverts and women out there and to help anyone become a better leader. It's as simple as this: communication.

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