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What people are saying

SWAAY's content is amazing and exactly what women are looking for and need. On other digital publications, I am only interested in a couple stories, but with SWAAY, I find myself wanting to read everything!

Lili Morton

Founder of FirstSeven

SWAAY is the first platform that focuses on amplifying the voices of women leaders in a way that resonates with a younger audience. I believe that it has the potential to be the Fortune Most Powerful Women of this generation.

Fran Hauser

Former President Of Time Inc. Digital and Media Angel Investor

In a world where people and companies tend to tear others down in their pursuit of success, SWAAY is counter-culture. This company highlights the success of women, the challenges we encounter and it touches on topics that have been viewed as "'taboo" in the past. I'm proud to say that SWAAY is true to its mission in SWAAYING the narrative around women in the professional world. I'm amazed by this company, this team and this mission.

Paige Lord

Microsoft's Chief of Data Programs and Artificial Intelligence

SWAAY is a refreshing take on today's woman. We (women) are multidimensional, we are complicated, our interests vary and we are inquisitive. SWAAY embodies what the market has been screaming for… SWAAY is one of the many reasons I believe the world will be a better place for our daughters and future generations of female leaders.

Logan Cohen

Forbes 30 Under 30 & Founder of Kudzoo app