Not Feeling Motivated? 5 Hacks to Keep Pushing Forward


Some days, there is an almost tangible motivation that you can feel pulsing through your veins when you wake up in the morning. Other so much. With the new year here, it’s almost as if we are expected to feel some type of newness wash over us that guides us through the perfect business plan, social media strategy and works through the kinks of 2016. But things aren’t always this crystal clear. In fact, with that pressure, it can lead to a motivational struggle instead.

Not feeling motivated? Here’s some hacks for pushing through those tough moments. You will be surprised how far the slightest bit of inspiration can guide you.


The Pep Talk Generator

Yes, this is a real thing! The Pep Talk Generator is an extension of the website Babe Vibes and it literally fuels you full of powerful quotes and gives you just what you need to see clarity in a tough moment. Not happy with the quote they gave you? No problem! Just click on “next pep talk” until something strikes your fancy


The Self-Care Twitter Bot

With so much going into running your own business, stopping for a second to take care of yourself can sometimes be a distant thought. But the thing is this: if we aren’t taking care of ourselves, there’s no way we can be properly motivated to run our business. This is where the self-care twitter bot (@tinycarebot) comes into the picture. This account scoops in throughout the day to remind you of the simple things in life, like taking deep breathes, listening to music that inspires you and taking a break. Genius.


Change Your Scenery

As simple as this one may seem, switching up where you work everyday can do wonders for yourself and you motivation. It’s refreshing and can give you a different perspective on things. If you work from home everyday, try working for a couple hours in your favorite coffee shop - or even in a communal space. You never know what will inspire you if you’re seeing something out of the ordinary a couple days a week.


Break Your List Down to One Goal

More times than not, lack of motivation stems from being overwhelmed. Those to-do lists pile high, especially at the start of the year and it’s enough to make you want to crawl back under your covers in bed and hide. Instead, set some time aside to break that mountain of a to-do list into one goal or one task per day. Sometimes it even helps to break goals down into micro-goals so each day you are a step closer to achieving something big. And a huge bonus is the way that you will feel whenever these tasks get crossed off and done.


Put Your Goal Out Into The World

There’s nothing quite like making yourself accountable for something than putting it out into the world and actually telling people about your plan or goal. Once it’s out there, people will start asking you how everything is going and if you’ve achieved nothing, their questions will put you right in your place.

Share your goal with friends, family, at networking events - everywhere.

And sometimes, you might not only feel the pressure you need to buckle down and work towards the goal, but meet someone along the way that will help you.

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