From Cold Calling To Running a $2B Business: Former Overstock President Shares Her Selling Secrets


The year was 2001. Amazon sold only books, Netflix was but a dream, and even the smallest piece of furniture was not sold digitally. When Stormy Simon joined the team at Overstock, it was a different, much less hyper-connected world, but this future-focused executive saw where the retail game was going. Simon, who went from a role in B2B sales in 2001 to the company's President in 2016, was a pioneer in a still unchartered space.

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How This Founder Landed $29M In Funding

Photo Credit: afewgoodclicks.com

In 2016, Renee Wang sold her home in Bejing for $500,000 to fund her company, CastBox. Two months later, she landed her first investment. Just a half hour after hearing her pitch, she was offered one million dollars. By mid-2017, CastBox raised a total of $16 million in funding. CastBox's user numbers at that point? Seven million. Fast forward to today. Renee Wang of CastBox announces a $13.5 million Series B round of financing, bringing her funding total to a tidy $29 million. CastBox is now serving more than 15 million users.