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"Olivia, I had no idea there were female stunt drivers. We just put a guy in a wig." This is what was said to me in November 2019 as I left a commercial production meeting, effectively negating the industry visibility that I've continued to fight for since my first day on set. It wasn't the first time I'd heard comments like this; I've heard whisperings of men wearing wigs since I started as a stunt driver fifteen years ago. It sadly wasn't a new idea to SAG-AFTRA either. And despite it being against SAG-AFTRA rules, it has never been enforced under the current leadership.

Do you experience the "Sunday night scaries," dreading the thought of another Monday morning? Or count down the hours until you can log off? Or wonder if you will ever find the work-life balance you want and need in this new world of online work? Overwhelmed, burned-out, and tired of Zooming all day, every day, it's easy to throw in the towel and resign yourself that work sucks and that you're stuck in this job forever. There is another option. You can make your current job work for you. Here are the three most important steps you can take to make any job your dream job.

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