6 Key Factors to Note When Traveling with CBD

CBD is fully legalized in America, but carrying it during travel comes with some restrictions. It is not long ago that it was illegal to fly with CBD, not until some precautionary measures were put in place.

Today, patients are allowed to travel by air with CBD only if the THC content of the oil is 0.3% or less. This followed intensive studies on the benefits of CBD, which include alleviation of anxiety, treating epilepsy, inflammation, and pain, among other clinical uses.

Noteworthy, despite the legalization of traveling with CBD within America, TSA holds stringent precautionary measures whenever a passenger shows up at the terminal with the oil. The officers will move to verify the documentation, check whether it really is CBD or marijuana, and the processes might end up taking a considerable amount of your time.

On that note, there are several vital factors to consider when planning to travel with your CBD treatment. Here are six things to consider:

·Carry the certificate of analysis

·Research CBD regulation policies of your destination

·Carry your medical report

·Carry the minimum amount possible needed during your trip

·Carry it in your carry-on

·Be at the terminal a little early

Observe these considerations, and you are in a better position of avoiding problems with officials at the airport. Let's have a closer look at each factor.

Carry the Certificate of Analysis

The legality of traveling with CBD only stands if the 0.3% content THC threshold is met. Otherwise, the passenger would be left with only two options, to allow confiscation of the oil or to cancel the trip.

A worst-case scenario would be legal action being taken against the individual. It is for this reason that one should bring with them the Certificate of Analysis. The document indicates the amounts of individual components in the specified product.

TSA officials might not take you for your word when assuring them of the THC percentage content, and, therefore, a CoA will come in handy. It is also vital to carry the document with you considering there are no systems at the airport to measure the levels of THC.

You can request for the CoA from your physician or pharmacist. If it's in soft copy, be sure to print it out.

Research CBD Regulation Policies of Your Destination

While it is legal to travel with CBD within America, it might not be the case in other destinations outside the US. As seen on Forbes, the TSA made changes to its CBD product control policy to accommodate a few exceptions of products approved by the FDA.

There are countries with strict regulations and stringent control policies regarding narcotics and their derivatives. You might be cleared at your departure terminal only to have your CBD package impounded upon your arrival in a foreign country.

It is for this reason that one should conduct ample research on the control policies applicable to CBD in the country they're visiting. For instance, as seen on PassportSymphony, Europe is home to some of the coolest winter destinations in the world. And according to BBC, the accepted THC content in Europe collectively is 0.2% or less.

It means an American traveling with CBD with 0.3% THC is likely to have their package confiscated. Additionally, there are cruise lines that prohibit passengers from carrying CBD. Getting information beforehand will save you possible frustration and a waste of time at your destination.

Carry Your Medical Report

The possibility of drug addicts using CBD in place of marijuana when traveling can't be overlooked. If you don't have anything to prove your medical condition at the terminal, things might get somewhat unfavorable for you with the TSA.

It is essential to bring with you your doctor's report regarding your medical condition, and preferably it should indicate CBD as one of the prescribed treatments. It will save you time and help you avoid potentially missing your flight, trying to explain yourself to the officials. Again, ensure that the documents are in hard copy for ease of verification.

Carry the Minimum Amount Possible Needed During Your Trip

Though it is legal to travel with CBD, there are restrictions on the quantity an individual is allowed to carry. It is better only to carry the amount you'll need during your trip. When it comes to size, some manufacturers offer travel-friendly CBD pills and capsules which are not only spill-proof but also somewhat light.

As seen on the DailyCBDMag, there are numerous products that are suitable for traveling with. Most regular CBD products are not only larger but also heavier. Also, see to it that you carry CBD in its original package to avoid extra scrutiny by the TSA.

Carry It in Your Carry-On

How you carry your CBD product also matters. You should carry it in your carry-on basically for two reasons, and the main one is to ensure accessibility of the oil in case of an emergency such as anxiety or a panic attack.

According to CBDKyro, CDB products are good for treating such conditions as anxiety. In such a situation, it will certainly take longer for the flight attendants to locate your luggage and get your treatment that it would take if the CBD oil was in your carry-on.

The second reason is, in most airports, sniff dogs are used to check for narcotics during check-in. You might be delayed each time a dog picks the CBD scent, and your luggage is confiscated for checking despite having been cleared earlier on. Here is what you should do to avoid such unnecessary inconveniences.

Be at the Terminal a Little Early

Despite having carried with you all the essential documents to prove your medical condition and THC levels in the CBD oil, TSA might not clear you for boarding until they verify the authenticity of the documents. It is for this reason that you should show up early to make room for solving unprecedented problems.

The TSA officials may take longer to go through your documents. The possibility of the process taking longer than expected can't be ignored, and, therefore, this will ensure that you don't miss your flight.

The Bottom Line

Ignorance has never been a defense, so you need to get as much information as possible when dealing with CBD to avoid unnecessary problems with officials when traveling.

Considering the many benefits of this product, you wouldn't want to risk having it impounded during travel. Whether visiting your favorite winter destination in Europe or attending your most loved show in LA, you should prepare in advance if you plan to carry your CBD treatment along.

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