3 Tips For Turning A Profit From Social Media


Social media is a huge channel for turning a profit in 2020. From solopreneurs working out of their backpacks to big brands looking to connect with a new consumer base, social offers a wide scope for making money.

Wherever you sit on the business spectrum, these three ways offer a great way for you to turn a profit from social in 2020.

Turn your knowledge into profit

In the same vein as the above, why not consider selling courses via social? Knowledge is power, and if you've got a useful skill that other people want to learn, social media is the right place to market it.

The best way to achieve this is by creating a series of posts that offer insights into the value you offer.

For instance, if you teach guitar, you could create a short clip teaching people how to play a basic chord. Or if you offer fitness coaching, you could create an infographic explaining how a workout impacts different parts of your body and share it on your Story.

If you want to turn a higher profit from social media, offer insights into more niche areas, such as gambling tips and tricks. This is easy enough to learn online, and there are lots of videos and guides that will increase your casino skill. Grasp a few strategies and practice on real money slot sites to up your game — there are plenty of resources to help you develop your knowledge.

Whichever route you choose, ensure that, with each social post, you create a trackable link that directs your social followers to your course. Teachable is an option worth considering here. In this way, you intrigue your audience and attract the right people while providing enough value to keep them coming back for more.

Get paid for sponsored content as an influencer

One of the most popular ways to earn money from social media is through sponsored content as an influencer.

Of course, influencer status is hard to achieve — it's popular for a reason, and you're vying against a sea of competition to build a solid follower base.

But when you get to that status, it's possible to earn a staggering amount, especially with the right follower count.

Add a social channel to your online store

It's never been easier to launch your own online store. With the rise of easy-to-use DIY ecommerce platforms and a plethora of free tools and resources online, virtually anyone with an internet connection can start their own online business from home.

Of course, if you really want to boost sales and grow your online business, you need to incorporate social into the mix — this is where social selling comes in.

As the name suggests, social selling involves pushing products through social media by taking advantage of the wide range of ecommerce features available. Instagram, for instance, lets you sell via Stories with Product Stickers, while Snapchat offers a similar feature — just two examples of social platforms that have embraced ecommerce.

Adding a social channel to your online store expands your reach, letting you sell on a space where your target customers are active regularly. Your products can sit alongside posts from your followers' friends and family, so it doesn't feel like a hard sell. Get creative and tap into your customer community to push products in a way that feels organic and natural.

Social media is a wide and versatile platform through which to connect with consumers and grow your brand in 2020. But it's also a great way to turn a profit too. Follow the tips above and start making money from social today.

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Black LGBTQ Woman Powerhouse Launches Vegan Cosmetics Line

I am a proud Black business owner carrying a line of lip colors for the woman who wants to shine. At Vatarie Cosmetics you can find cruelty-free and vegan lip care products, including clear lip gloss and liquid matte lipsticks. The line is still under development, so there are more products in the making that you'll hear more about soon!

My products are high-quality and it is my dream to take my brand into high-end storefronts across the nation and even across the globe.

About Leticia

I have worked my way into my entrepreneurial career as I did not come from money. The goal of my cosmetic line is to bring excitement to everyone who tries the line. My products are high-quality and it is my dream to take my brand into high-end storefronts across the nation and even across the globe. I believe that with added makeup and a good set of threads, anybody can confidently face the world. I am a proud and firm supporter of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQIA community.

There have been plenty of hardships that I have had to face throughout my entire life, the most recent being the recent death of my father who passed far too soon. I have never allowed these hardships to deter me, and won't start now. I will continue to progress and work hard to build my business, knowing that this is what my father would have wanted.

About the Vatarie Line: What It's All About

Upon launching the line, I had the mission of inspiring every human to find their inner beauty and to have fun along the way. With this in mind, my products are designed for people of all genders, races, religions, and creeds. The Vatarie line will have more to offer customers very soon as I am continually working on developing products and expanding the line. In addition to the lip colors currently offered, the line will soon include highlighters, eyeshadows, and new lip gloss additions.

I believe that no one needs makeup to validate themselves, and we are all beautiful on our own. I do believe, though, that makeup can make life a lot more fun. Now more than ever we are living in a world where there is so much sadness and darkness. Sometimes all we need to change our moods and get away from that darkness is something to help us feel better and more vibrant — this is where a pop of makeup and a well put together outfit can really make an impact.

Now more than ever we are living in a world where there is so much sadness and darkness.

I encourage everybody to embrace their inner beauty and inner style, and express themselves no matter what. My line of products is inspired by high fashion and designed to make a bold statement. The running theme across my products is empowerment at every stage and level. I create products that make my customers feel happy, and I ensure I am happy myself with my products before I release every single one. There is no place for cutting corners as I believe in producing the highest quality product.

I bring my sense of humor and quirky personality into my products and you can see this in the names of each item. Take the lip color "Blood Money," which signifies all the money, tears, sweat, and yes, blood that was put into the brand. Let me tell you, it was hard work, and it still is hard work, but at the end of the day, it fulfills me to know the type of quality I am providing. It gives me great pride to create a line of legendary products that will positively affect someone and bring them to a place of self-love and acceptance.

About the Past that Gives My Business Meaning

I have struggled over the years with mental abuse that has left me feeling as if "I wasn't enough." Added to that, being a Black woman in an industry that is predominantly dominated by other races, I had to work harder to get to where I am today.

Coming from a broken home, my family struggled with addiction, making my entire childhood a miserable nightmare. My mother abandoned us as she was being physically abused, and it was up to us the kids to do everything necessary to take care of the home and each other. We eventually ended up living with my grandmother in Miami, Florida. At a very young age, I had to endure physical and mental abuse and was locked up. At the age of 22, I lost my younger sister to gun violence and found myself raising her one-year-old son as my own.

Being a Black woman in an industry that is predominantly dominated by other races, I had to work harder to get to where I am today.

While my past was a rough one, it is what has made me the strong, independent, and vibrant woman I am today. That woman strives to be her best every day and works tirelessly to provide a line of only the best cosmetics products. I couldn't see this while I was living through those bad situations and struggling to grow up, but I can look back and see how I was made more resilient because of my hardships.

As I grieve over my father's recent passing, I become stronger. It is this added personal strength that will push me forward in everything I do and will be reflected in my work ethic and in the development of new products for my Vatarie line of cosmetics.