Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter


Maybe you’ve spent years honing your marketing skills. Maybe you’ve got a business degree or even a fairly successful company under your belt. Or maybe you’re just starting out and you’ve got a lot of great ideas. Wherever you are in your career, there’s one powerful truth about marketing that no one really talks about, and that’s this: your opinion does not matter.

You read that right. Your educated opinion, your gut feeling, everything you assume to be true — all of it is irrelevant when it comes down to creating consistently successful marketing campaigns that lead to stellar product sales and bottom lines you love.

The only thing that matters in marketing is what actually works — not what you think will work, but what does work. It all comes down to results.

Don’t Go Broke Over Opinions

How many times a year do you think amazing products and innovative ideas go broke and undiscovered based on people’s opinions? We’ll probably never know. Many business owners are afraid to really put themselves out there and push the envelope with their marketing because of opinions like:

  • “It’s too pushy.”
  • “My audience won’t resonate with that kind of marketing.”
  • “It’ll turn them off.”

…and there goes another potential income stream before it ever had the chance to flow.

It’s not just entrepreneurs and executives whose opinions don’t matter; it’s their customers, too. If that sounds shocking, think about it this way: What your customers say and what they actually do can sometimes be entirely different. You can survey people about product X and they all say they’re hot to buy, but when you release it… crickets. Or people can sit around trash talking your “too salesy” sales funnel while you’re raking in the cash.

Talk is just talk. It really is that simple. If you want to place your trust where the real money is, you don’t read tea leaves, muster up and ask for opinions, or study the stars; you leverage real data — whether yours or others’ — and you follow the math. What are people actually doing with their credit cards, and why? Who are customers buying from, and what tools are those individuals or companies using to create sales?

What is really working and what isn’t for businesses like yours will have data behind it. And when you dig into that data, you’ll surprise yourself with how often you assume one way of doing things is better than other and find that the numbers show you otherwise.

Your opinion and your customers’ opinions do not matter. The only way people really vote is with their credit cards; surveys and opinions do not tell the whole story. Everyone has an opinion or an idea, but we know we have hit the right mark when a customer takes a credit card out and pays for our product or service.

The end result is the only way we know our idea, our product, our message, and our marketing actually connected with the prospect. This is when a true win-win relationship is created between a company and a client.

So keep an open mind, make choices based on math not opinions, and watch the positive momentum build in your business. There’s no moment like the present to stop getting in the way of your own success!

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It’s Time for Women to Stop Worrying About Being “Too Much”

We are living in a time when women are rising to new heights which means they are regularly being confronted with the fear of being "too much". For women in business this is pervasive and costly.

A few ways women can be perceived as "too much" are:

Speaking up about their successes and achievements.

Sharing one too many photos of their cute kids.

Telling one too many people about that date night.

Looking a little too good in that swimsuit.

These can lead to being publicly attacked on social media or privately slandered which in turn leads to women dimming their light and walking on egg shells in hopes of avoiding conflict and judgement.

The minute a woman feels it's unsafe to shine she will begin to overthink, worry, and fear how she shows up in the world.

Forgetting to announce the book is done and the interview is live.

Choosing to focus on what's still on the to-do list rather than what's been checked off.

Many female entrepreneurs are subconsciously altering their behavior in an attempt to not attract too much attention to themselves, rather than focusing on allowing authenticity and magnetism to attract their ideal clients and community.

Women are afraid of being criticized, ostracized, and abandoned by other women for simply being who they are. This leads to quite the quantum when being who you are is simplest way to accelerate the growth of your business.

New research shows men are far more comfortable with self promotion than women are. Researchers found that men rate their own performance 33 percent higher than equally performing women. What we know is that self promotion pays off and this is where women are missing the boat.

The world needs more women to step into leadership roles and no longer be intimidated about creating six and seven figure careers.

Here are five ways to release the fear of being "too much":

1. Approve of yourself.

While it feels good to receive outside validation it will never be enough if you don't first appreciate yourself. The key to having a healthy support system is to make sure you are part of it. Being your biggest critic is what your mother's generation did. It's now time to be your biggest cheerleader. Becoming aware of self talk will reveal what belief is ready to be re-wired. Create a simply mantra that affirms how incredible capable you are.

2. Connect deeply to those you serve.

One powerful way to shift out of people pleasing behavior is to get clear on who actually matters to the wellbeing and success of your life and business. Leadership is not about being the most popular, instead it's a decision to be brave for those who can't be. Take a few minutes each day to visualize and meditate on those your business serves and supports. See your future clients moving toward you every time you choose to stand in your power and use your authentic voice.

3. Remember the legacy you wish to leave.

Having your life purpose and legacy in writing is one of the most transformational exercises you can do. Reading this often will keep you focused on what matters. Knowing what you wish to leave in the hearts of those you love most is incredibly grounding. You didn't come here to keep your mouth shut, dilute your truth, or dim your light-you came here to make a difference.

4. Forgive those who have been unsupportive in the past.

The past has a way of informing the future in a negative way when there is unresolved pain. Take a few minutes to get quiet and ask yourself who you have unforgiveness towards or maybe their name came to mind as you read this article. Listening to a forgiveness meditation or writing a letter to the person you are ready to forgive are both simple and effective ways to process and heal.

5. Be part a community of bright, successful women.

Meaningful relationships with others who have similar aspirations is what will keep you out of isolation and playing small. These connections can happen in a networking group, online community or a local Meetup. Thriving in every area of life is depend on you knowing where you belong and being celebrated there. Don't wait to be invited, go actively seek out people and places that support your dreams and desires.

6. Accept you can have it all.

Women have been fed a lie for generations that says, you can have love or money. Decide you can have it all and allow it to flow to you. You can have a successful career and an amazing mother. You can balance motherhood and loving marriage. Don't let anyone write the rules for you. This is the time to create the life you desire on your terms.

7. Celebrate everything!

The fastest way to leave the haters in the dust is to celebrate everything! At the end of each day lay in bed and recall the best moments. At the end of each week, publicly acknowledge and celebrate what's good in your life. Once a month, have a celebration dinner and share it with those who have helped you in the journey. If there's something good happening, talk about it with everyone who will listen!

May you be a woman who chooses to shine so that others may be reminded of all they can be and do.