Chicago Med's Marlyne Barrett Discusses Sexual Abuse And Sex Trafficking


Marlyne Barrett, aka charge nurse Maggie Lockwood from the hit TV show Chicago Med, took the time to share her insights as to what drew her to acting, what motivates her in and out of acting roles and what she seeks to accomplish outside of the world of acting, such as her dedication to helping victims of sexual trafficking and abuse.

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How This Founder Landed $29M In Funding

Photo Credit: afewgoodclicks.com

In 2016, Renee Wang sold her home in Bejing for $500,000 to fund her company, CastBox. Two months later, she landed her first investment. Just a half hour after hearing her pitch, she was offered one million dollars. By mid-2017, CastBox raised a total of $16 million in funding. CastBox's user numbers at that point? Seven million. Fast forward to today. Renee Wang of CastBox announces a $13.5 million Series B round of financing, bringing her funding total to a tidy $29 million. CastBox is now serving more than 15 million users.