Top 5 tips For Online Gaming


If you love the thrill of online casinos, we have some tips that will help you keep it fun and safe. In this guide, you can read about how to choose the right casino and how to make the most out of your play sessions.

1. Choose the right casino

Choosing the right casino is important. There are hundreds of casinos on the internet, and most of them share the same games and payment methods. However, some sites are much better than others when it comes to factors like withdrawal speed, support, bonus offers and loyalty programs. Additionally, you should check that the casino has a valid license and that it offers what you are looking for, such as live casino games or slots from a specific game provider.

2. Read online reviews

Online reviews can be very helpful, whether you are looking for a good restaurant or want to book a hotel. The same is true for online casinos. You can find thousands of casino reviews on the internet, and these can give you all the information you need about the casino before you sign up. Read reviews to learn as much as you can about the casino's payment methods, game selection, bonus offers and so on.

3. Stick to your limits

The golden rule of gambling is to play within your limits. Only play with money you can afford to lose, and remember that gambling is entertainment - not a way to make money. It is a good idea to keep a diary of your deposits so that you know how much you play with every month. Licensed casinos are required to offer various responsible gaming tools that make it easier for players to stick to their limits. For example, you can set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit, or pause your player account if you wish to take a break from gambling.

4. Learn the games

There are thousands of casino games on the internet: from classic table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat to video slots and scratch cards. The majority of casino games are based on pure luck, but it might be a good idea to learn the basics before you play with real money - especially if you want to try out games like blackjack and casino hold'em which require some knowledge and strategy. Most casinos allow you to play their games in practice mode, which means that you can try out the games without using your own money. You can also take a look at the game's rules to get the information you need.

5. Look out for good offers

Casino bonuses and free spins are a casino player's best friend, as they can increase your chances of winning. If you play a lot, it can be beneficial to choose a casino that offers frequent promotions and reload bonuses. Most casinos also have a welcome bonus for new players. However, make sure to always check the wagering requirements before you claim and offer, and keep in mind that you need to follow the bonus rules.

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Working From Home While Parenting in a Pandemic. The Juggle is Real.

I had just finished putting my toddler down for a nap when my 3-month-old cried out from the next room — hungry. Again. As I slowly backed out of the room so as not to disturb the nap that took five diligently-read books to achieve, I glanced at my watch — just five minutes to spare before my scheduled Zoom meeting.

As a mom, I'm in this like everyone else — not knowing what tomorrow will look like and doing my best day by day.

While I was going through these familiar motions, I thought how am I making this work? After talking to more moms just like me, I've come to learn that I'm not alone. Left without childcare in the middle of this pandemic, we've just been forced to improvise and expected to do the impossible, usually, while worrying about how long we can keep this up. In fact, instead of worrying about making it work, some parents have decided the best way to deal is to give up parenting for the time being altogether. At least, half-jokingly anyway.

This is working from home while parenting in the time of COVID-19 — a messy juggling act.

A Near Impossible Job: Full-time Parent and Full-time Employee

Working parents, unemployed parents, single parents, essential worker parents — all of these parents and situations have their own set of challenges. The circumstances of the pandemic have placed many parents at a crossroads to find alternative childcare in order to return to work or otherwise give up their employment and thus their financial security. More than 4 in 10 parents of children younger than 19 reported that they or someone in their family lost a job, work hours, or work-related income because of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the Urban Institute's Health Reform Monitoring Survey (HRMS).

Working From Home While Parenting in a Pandemic

I established my career in Silicon Valley as a remote professional, and have for the last decade believed strongly that location-independent work is the future of work. As I became a mother and made that first transition back to work from maternity leave (albeit a leave way too short, but that's a topic for another day), I realized this remote work arrangement was the only thing that enabled me to continue to work.

I could meet the demands of my job while caring for a newborn. I often worked outside of the usual 9-5 and while the days were long, I was just so grateful to have a work-life arrangement that allowed me to be near my child when I needed to be. Turns out, that's a familiar story to many parents. A flexible job is really important to parents of young children. In fact, 82% say that having school-age kids affects their interest in finding a flexible job.

While the lines between work and home life are blurring, be flexible, communicate effectively, and lead with empathy.

Many workplaces have turned to remote work during this pandemic but with childcare and school closures, working from home with kids doesn't look like the "flexible" work arrangement it had once been. Parents have been handed the near-impossible task of balancing the responsibilities of full-time caregiver, full-time educator, full-time employee, and first-time remote employee.

As a mom, I'm in this like everyone else — not knowing what tomorrow will look like and doing my best day by day. I wish there was an easy answer to the childcare predicament all working parents face. In the meantime, I have figured out a few things that have really worked for me in order to have a productive day, lead from a physical distance, and maintain some sense of order in my home from 9-5.

My 3 top tips for working from home while parenting in the time of COVID-19.

1. Maintain A (Flexible) Routine

One of the major changes that comes with working from home is that without an office environment routines can get thrown off. Be sure to create a routine for both you and your children. I would also opt for a time-blocked routine rather than a rigid to-the-minute schedule. For example, mornings are for your meetings and the kids' quiet busy work (be that school assignments or other activities). A routine gives everyone an expectation of how the day will go and this can help decrease stress. Furthermore, using a routine rather than a rigid schedule also sets you up to be more successful because it allows flexibility for you all to make changes when needed.

2. Create a Designated Workspace

Control the things you can and don't spin your wheels on the things you can't. While there are few things that can be controlled, your workspace is one of them. It doesn't have to be an office, but your workspace should be a space that is your own. This isn't a space anyone in the house can simply drop off their things or fiddle with yours. Ideally, this space will be organized and clutter-free so you're not losing time finding what you need to get to work, or being distracted with anything else. Studies have found that work environments have an effect on satisfaction and productivity. If you work in a place that inspires instead of distracts you, you are more likely to be efficient, productive, and happier.

3. Communicate

Over-communicate with both everyone in your house and the remote team you are collaborating with. In the house, be sure everyone knows your schedule especially if you're co-parenting and co-working with a partner in shifts. It could help to post your weekly schedule, so everyone knows when a big meeting is coming up and you're in the do-not-disturb zone. With your remote team, take advantage of platforms for video communication to help recreate face-to-face interaction. General rule of thumb, if you find yourself writing an email that's become a novel or you're responding to a thread that's gone too long, the clearer route to communicating is likely a video conference.

While the lines between work and home life are blurring, be flexible, communicate effectively, and lead with empathy. And most importantly of all, give yourself the space to make mistakes, try again, and learn what works best for you.

P.S. Are you finding yourself overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting through the pandemic and keeping up with the work-life juggle? In a time when moms need a support system more than ever, I've founded Hey Mom Co., a new kind of wellness and mindset development community for working moms. Visit our website to learn more: http://heymom.co