Tips to Get the First Job After College


Finding the first job after college can be a daunting and emotionally draining experience. Most people have a lot of expectations regarding their careers after graduating college. What to expect is mostly based on passion, what one actually studied in college; the opportunities available and what direction a graduate wants their career to take, to mention a few. Although this can be painstaking, with a few tips and strategies, you can take charge of the process and help you figure out what to do after college. The guidelines, hopefully, will also help steer it in a direction that will ultimately be positive.

Check the college career center

Majority of the colleges have a career program that helps in both grooming fresh graduates for their first job as well as advising them in the event they are not sure of the path they want to take. It is advisable to take advantage of such a program if it exists in your college. This will keep you posted with a wide array of jobs for college graduates to choose from and send out your resume for consideration. Doing this earlier presents the opportunity for you to research what the various available opportunities have to offer and if they align with your goals and objectives. This inevitably makes the decision-making process a little easier should one of the companies in consideration offer you a job with them.

Tailor your resume

The first impression by your recipe will go a great way in determining whether or not you get that call inviting you for an interview. A well written resume tailored to the key objectives of the company requirements is essential. You can seek professional assistance and order an excellent resume from https://resumethatworks.com/executive-resume-writing-service to give you that market niche. Bear in mind that this is the first representation of yourself that a potential employer will have and it is of great importance that the first impression is good. A good and well-tailored resume will also give you confidence in presenting it and give you an edge over your competitors.


Studies have shown that a lot of jobs are secured through networks. Graduates wondering how to find a job after college can use existing circles of friends and family to refer and recommend you to potential employers. The same network can be used to create new connections by meeting new people who in turn can be potential employers of can recommend you. The circle of people around you is a readily available resource that requires you to utilize wisely if it is going to work to your advantage. Networking is also crucial for self-advertising. As you interact with your connections you are more likely going to get into conversations of what you do and what skills you have and this will come in handy for one to have at the back of their mind in case an opportunity presents itself. A great way to self-advertise and keep in touch with your network is to create a LinkedIn profile which works well to put your 'brand' out in the market.

Research and job search

Even though a lot of companies ask for work experience there are some that are specifically searching for graduates fresh from college. Be a bit smarter with your search and look out for key words such as 'jobs for college graduates' and 'Management trainee'. These are more likely to offer an entry into the job spectrum and start building the experience that every employer seems to be searching for. Job hunting can be exhausting but when done with a purpose and objectively it can land you precisely where you always wanted to be to begin with. Researching on employers' expectations will help you stay on top of the game and ensure that you are not blindsided by an expectation.

Take the job search seriously

The job search after college will often feel like a job on its own. This requires to be taken with the utmost seriousness. Keep a database of the jobs you have applied for, the contacts and the general requirements for these jobs. This will not only widen your scope, but it will keep you occupied. If you have issues with grades before leaving college, consider getting a professionally written help from PerfectEssay writing services to increase the visibility of your essay and improve grades.

Find an internship

Most often than not, companies tend to hire the talent that they have had interning with them especially for pr degree jobs. However, most college graduates will turn down an internship because they mostly pay little or nothing at all. While this can be demotivating, you should consider the potential of a full time hire from this arrangement or the skills and experience that will be gained from the internship. Sometimes internships are hard to come by. In this case, consider doing some volunteering in your free time. This will also build on your skill and will be a wonderful addition to your resume and will see you grow the experience per the requirements by potential employers.

Be relentless

It is unusual to send out many resumes but not receive any positive feedback or any at all. Keep reviewing your resume just in case there is something that you are missing. The job market is constantly changing and as you search you will keep learning new things that are likely a great addition to your resume. Paper writing service will be helpful in tailoring your cover letter and essay to required specifications. Do not be afraid to do follow up calls to companies that you have sent applications to. This shows a potential employer that you are willing to put in the work in order to achieve desirable results. Do not give up, keep your spirits high and be persistent. Eventually you will get the break and land your first job.

Be polite during interviews

From all the applications you sent out it is inevitable that you will be called in for several interviews by employers offering jobs for college graduates. Exude confidence in your skill and what you have to offer the potential employer. Do not, however, be arrogant and bossy about it. An employer needs to know that you are respectable of authority and are not self-absorbed to think that you are the only one with a particular skill set. Research on the company before hand to know their mission, vision and values. Some times employers will ask targeted questions to find out how much you are interested in working with them. Interweaving some of their core values and words from their pillars in your responses will give you a niche above others.

A job search after college is a job on its own. It requires seriousness and impeccable attention to detail. Every year masses of students graduate and add to the already flooded markets with limited job opportunities to be scrabbled upon. It is not as straight forward as you may want it to be but with some effort and organization you can make the process bearable. Just as graduating college took some work to achieve, for desired results in getting a job, some work is necessary too and eventually you will get the job.

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How Fitness Saved My Life and Became My Career

Sometimes it takes falling to rock bottom in order to be built back up again. I learned this many years ago when the life I'd carefully built for myself and my family suddenly changed. But in those times, you learn to lean on those who love you – a friend, family member or someone who can relate to what you've been through. I was lucky enough to have two incredible women help me through one of my lowest moments. They taught me to love myself and inspired me to pass on their lessons each da

If it weren't for the empowering women who stepped up and brought fitness back into my life, I wouldn't be standing – in the door of my own business – today.

In 2010, I was a wife, a mother of three, and had filtered in and out of jobs depending on what my family needed from me. At different points in my career, I've worked in the corporate world, been a stay-at-home mom, and even started my own daycare center. Fitness has always been a part of my life, but at that point being a mom was my main priority. Then, life threw a curveball. My husband and I separated, leading to a very difficult divorce.

These were difficult times. I lost myself in the uncertainty of my future and the stress that comes with a divorce and found myself battling anorexia. Over a matter of months, I lost 40 lbs. and felt surrounded by darkness. I was no longer participating in my health and all efforts to stay active came to a halt. I didn't want to leave my home, I didn't' want to talk to people, and I really did not want to see men. Seeing my struggles, first my sister and then a friend, approached me and invited me to visit the gym.

After months of avoiding it, my sister started taking me to the gym right before closing when it wasn't too busy. We started slow, on the elliptical or the treadmill. This routine got me out of the house and slowly we worked to regain my strength and my self-esteem. When my sister moved away, my good friend and personal trainer started working out with me one-on-one early in the morning, taking time out of her busy schedule to keep me on track toward living a healthy life once again. Even when I didn't want to leave the house, she would encourage me to push myself and I knew I didn't want to let her down. She helped me every step of the way. My sister and my friend brought fitness back into my everyday routine. They saved my life.

I began to rely on fitness, as well as faith, to help me feel like myself again. My friend has since moved away, but, these two women made me feel loved, confident and strong with their empowerment and commitment to me. They made such an incredible impact on me; I knew I needed to pay it forward. I wanted to have the same impact on women in my community. I started by doing little things, like running with a woman who just had a baby to keep her inspired and let her know she's not alone. I made sure not to skip my regular runs, just in case there was a woman watching who needed the inspiration to keep going. These small steps of paying it forward helped me find purpose and belonging. This gave me a new mentality that put me on a path to the opportunity of a lifetime – opening a women's only kickboxing gym, 30 Minute Hit.

About four years ago, I was officially an empty nester. It was time to get myself out of the house too and find what I was truly passionate about, which is easier said than done. Sitting behind a desk, in a cubicle, simply didn't cut it. It was hard to go from an active and chaotic schedule to a very slow paced, uneventful work week. I felt sluggish. Even when I moved to another company where I got to plan events and travel, it was enjoyable, but not fulfilling. I wanted to be a source of comfort to those struggling, as my sister and dear friend had been to me. I wanted to impact others in a way that couldn't be done from behind a desk.

I began to rely on fitness, as well as faith, to help me feel like myself again.

When I heard about 30 Minute Hit, I was nervous to take the leap. But the more I learned about the concept, the more I knew it was the perfect fit for me. Opening my own gym where women can come to let go of their struggles, rely on one another and meet new people is the best way for me to pass on the lessons I learned during my darkest times.

Kickboxing is empowering in itself. Add to it a high energy, female-only environment, and you have yourself a powerhouse! The 30 Minute Hit concept is franchised all over North America, acting as a source of release for women who are just trying to get through their day. I see women of all ages come into my gym, kick the heck out of a punching bag and leave with a smile on their face, often times alongside a new friend. 30 Minute Hit offers a convenient schedule for all women, from busy moms to working women, to students and senior citizens. A schedule-free model allows members to come in whenever they have a free half hour to dedicate to themselves. Offering certified training in kickboxing and a safe environment to let go, 30 Minute Hit is the place for women empowerment and personal growth.

Through my journey, I have learned that everyone is going through something – everyone is on their own path. My motivating factor is knowing that I can touch people's lives everyday just by creating the space for encouragement and community. It's so easy to show people you care. That's the type of environment my team, clients and myself have worked hard to create at our 30 Minute Hit location.

Fitness saved my life. If it weren't for the empowering women who stepped up and brought fitness back into my life, I wouldn't be standing – in the door of my own business – today. The perfect example of women empowering women – the foundation to invincibility.

This article was originally published September 12, 2019.