Three Influential Women From the World of Instagram

Instagram has become a massive platform in today's world, mainly for sharing pictures of your cute dog or your lovely weekend away with your partner, but also for other things such as fashion, fitness and beauty. One of the main products of such genres has been the emergence of various individuals who not only share interesting content, but also influence their audience which, in turn, enables brands to get their products or services across too, via - what the individual has since been labelled as - an influencer.

There's plenty of ways to establish yourself as an influencer and there perhaps isn't one set way of doing things, but you certainly have to have some sort of an appeal and - as always - content is absolutely key, especially if you're wanting to attract the right brands. Being a likeable person is obviously important too, of course!

With Instagram still considered to be the number one social media platform in the world - alongside Facebook - the messages women can use it for can hold incredible weight and reach a humongous audience in the process. It's hardly surprising then to see a huge amount of influencers burst onto the Instagram scene as they look to make their mark in this new world.

Some influencers, for example, might share various fashion tips, others might promote health advice, also games could be shared like those available at www.MansionCasino.com/ or other services such as clothing store promotions, food offers or even money-saving advice, mental health support or parental tips. It really is a vast world out there with all types of content being shared. It's worth noting, though, that not all of it is good, but there is plenty to celebrate.

So, with that in mind, we thought we'd introduce the three biggest and best women from the world of Instagram and highlight just exactly why these powerful females are pulling in the crowds.

Huda Kattan - @hudabeauty

From the world of beauty, Huda Kattan has over 23million followers (at the time of writing) and is easily one the biggest and best beauty bloggers in the world. Such is the case with many social media influencers, Huda is predominantly a blogger who also operates on Instagram, so her writing has certainly stood the test of time, alongside her ability to share creative pictures and top tips from the makeup and beauty sector. Someone who covers a lot of how-tos, various trends and reviews, Huda Kattan is a highly successful businesswoman who even has her own range of makeup. She's done well, that's for sure!

Chiara Ferragni - @chiaraferragni

The fashion world is massively popular. I mean, who doesn't want to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and designs?! Keeping us all informed of exactly that is Italian-born, but New York-based, blogger and fashion designer, Chiara Ferragni. She runs a fashion blog called The Blonde Salad, has worked as a model and spokesperson for Guess, and was even the first blogger to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Michelle Lewin - @michelle_lewin

With obesity rates rising and the world generally paying more attention to fitness and overall health, the emergence of fitness focused influencers is hardly surprising. Step forward Michelle Lewin, who is one of the most popular around. Originally a Venezuelan model, Michelle Lewin is a South Florida-based star of the fitness world with over 12million followers. Promoting a variety of workouts, fitness products and health advice, Michelle Lewin encourages people to look after themselves, maintain a healthy diet and enjoy everything exercise has to offer. Good for her!

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