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One thing that I love about the SWAAY community is that it provides, not an escape, but a representation of what women can achieve when we have a platform exclusively for us to share our stresses, our successes, and our stories. But I think we can all agree that SWAAY is certainly not the norm; there is a whole wide world out there that doesn't offer the same safety and support of women and their work.

A recent study conducted by Aston University concluded that in the United Kingdom, men are more than twice as likely than women to start their own businesses. While this statistic isn't necessarily too surprising, it's still disheartening to know that there is such a stark entrepreneurial gap between the sexes. However, there may be hope yet. The UK is taking these findings and backing new initiatives specifically focused on closing that gap by providing more directed funding and resources to support women entrepreneurs.

When I first heard #OKBoomer, I cringed and thought — here we go again. Yet another round of generation bashing, this time Millennials against Baby Boomers. This new social media conflict will not help workplace dynamics. Throughout my career, I've heard countless rants about long-established workplace norms that younger generations perceive as overly repressive rules that subvert identity, familial obligations, civility, and respect for the environment.

On December 11, 2019, I opened my first New York City restaurant, The Banty Rooster, and breathed a huge sigh of relief. The road to opening had been long: I sold my first successful restaurant, Work & Class, in Denver in October 2016 and moved to New York City six months later. I knew virtually no one in the city, but I was determined to take what I'd learned and pursue my biggest dream.

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