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At the beginning of the New Year, we published astrologist Tatiana Borsch's outlook for 2020. She predicted an economic crisis, which has unfortunately turned out to be correct, and discussed political movements across the globe. We decided to interview Tatiana to learn more about her work, the impact of COVID, and what we can expect for the second half of the year. While Tatiana does not deny that 2020 has been a difficult year, she does not want us to think we are facing Armageddon, but rather a transitional year that will lead to the birth of a new world Read on to hear her predictions on the economy, and the question many of us are asking ourselves: who will win the presidential election this coming November?

It's not about the riots; it's about persistent injustice. Black people in America often have to accept racism, economic exclusion, and unequal access to healthcare. On top of that, we are more susceptible to death in the pandemic. Given all these oppressive factors, it should not be difficult to believe the anger surrounding the murder of George Floyd. There is video evidence of four officers' involvement, and they weren't even arrested. This was simply the tipping point for a community that couldn't take it anymore.

Take it from someone who just graduated with their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theater, when I tell you I know a good performance when I see one. Let's put my training to the test shall we? In my opinion a good actor consists of three things: A. An understanding of tactics and given circumstances, B. An ability to command an audience, and C. A believable performance of the material. It isn't a surprise that performative activism also encompasses all of these things, because it is just that, a performance. My only questions remaining, as a critic, what activism is true activism? Or are these simply just cover up performances to ensure that you do not get penalized for actually being ignorant and racist?

As cities burn and protestors storm streets across America in reaction to the ongoing slaughter of Black and brown people by law enforcement, many have asked what my late husband, Congressman Elijah Cummings, would say in this moment. I think he would urge protesters to "focus on what they are fighting for" and not fall into the trap of letting anger and destructive actions distract from their goal.

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