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People closest to me know that I've led somewhat of a nomadic life. After graduating from undergrad, I took a role that required me to move every nine months for a three year period. Since then, I've lived in over seven states, moving mostly for work but occasionally for personal reasons. In my last move, it took me less than 24 hours to make my apartment look like I have always lived there. I have nesting down to a science. For me, moving is always a fun adventure—I enjoy being in new spaces. One skill that I've acquired, rather unintentionally, is the ability to adapt very quickly to a new environment. And that includes friendships.

In March 2020, I created eat.plank.live—my first podcast. At the time, I had no prior experience in media other than my blog, Pivot Points; my creative creations were relatively limited. For context on how I started on this journey, I work in tech, and pre-COVID-19, I had a long shuttle commute to and from work every day; think one and a half hours one-way on a good day. To pass the time, I would listen to podcasts and fell in love with NPR's "How I Built This" moderated by Guy Raz. If you aren't familiar with the podcast, it's an excellent view of the struggles and ultimate rise of entrepreneurs across several industries.

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