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Courtesy of Katie Sandler

Katie Sandler has overcome physical and mental hurdles, including being born without an ear, dealing with over eight reconstructive surgeries, and being paralyzed at age 17. These, amongst others, have become the key catalysts of her professional career. In an interview with SWAAY, Sandler shared some of her tips for fostering a positive mindset that are not only simple, but effective.


These days, most people are far more self conscious about their health and wellbeing. In years gone by, many took good health for granted but these days we realize that we have to work at being healthy and happy. However, when you lead a busy lifestyle and have lots of different commitments to juggle, keeping on top of your health can be difficult. This is why people turn to supplements to help aid their wellbeing and overall health.


It was the beginning of 2015. We were just a group of women observing how France applied progressive maternal healthcare policies such as 10-20 sessions of pelvic floor physical therapy after birth to avoid complications and chronic health issues. Our research and early user data showed that over 70% of women experience intimate health problems such as incontinence or sexual pain at some point in their lives, and yet only a small fraction of these receive the comprehensive care and support they need.

It's no secret that body image issues run rampant in today's toxic culture of lookism. Far too many women strive not for health but for the coveted “ideal" body that society applauds, indirectly scorning the bodies that fail to meet that ideal as a result. This persistent striving for skinny has deleterious effects on one's mind and body. According to Mirror Mirror up to 30 million people in the United States suffer from various eating disorders. Jenny Gaither, Master SoulCycle instructor, Notorious F.I.T trainer (a hip-hop cardio class), and Founder of the Movemeant Foundation, has made it her mission to fight back against these issues. She promotes body positivity and instills it in the minds of young girls so that they can grow up loving the skin they are in.

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