How do I become a member?
Sign up for membership on the BECOME A MEMBER page and you will be prompted to sign up and create a profile. If our mission speaks to you, we welcome you to join our conversation (and tell someone you know!)
How much does membership cost?
Membership costs $349/year for our basic membership.
How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your membership, email info@swaaymedia.com. We’d also love to know why you feel membership is no longer right for you. That is invaluable feedback we’ll use to make it better for others.

Membership Benefits

What do I get with my membership?
SWAAY offers a number of benefits with membership, from the ability to become a SWAAY Voice, access to unlimited inspiring content, our community conversation boards, members-only events, and brand discounts.
See all the benefits of membership here on the MEMBERSHIP page.
How do I suggest a membership perk?
If you are a member with a business and would like to be submitted for member perks consideration or for additional suggestions on brands that you love, please email our team at swaay@engagemedia.io
How do I find membership perks?
Perks are listed on our MEMBERSHIP page. We’re always open to suggestions that can help us make SWAAY even more awesome. Keep checking back as we add perks!
Are the discounts only available to members?
Yes. Members are the only ones able to see the discount and redemption method.
Do not share your login with non-members. Members who do share the login and codes may be asked to leave the community.


How do I create my profile?
Your profile is automatically created when you sign up for membership.
Do I have to upload my bio, photo, email, and social media links?
Only your name and email are required, but we encourage you to upload your photo, bio, and social links to connect with the SWAAY community.
Can I change my profile after it’s live?
Yes, your SWAAY profile can be updated online as your personal information evolves. If you have any questions with the process, simply email info@SWAAYmedia.com and we can help you out.
What other information will be included in my profile?
A unique function of the SWAAY platform is your ability to pin content that you find impactful or inspiring to your profile. You can do this by clicking on the bookmark icon within an article on the site. Your profile will also display any content that you have written as a SWAAY Voice.

SWAAY Voices

What is SWAAY Voices?
SWAAY Voices is our unique contributor network. It has enabled thousands of women to leverage SWAAY to share their stories, build up their brands, and connect with other like-minded women While we celebrate diversity and the ability to share your authentic thought, our platform relies on consistency that’s why we have put together these content guidelines.
How do I become a SWAAY Voice?
Anyone in the SWAAY community can submit a story: 

1) Click on your profile avatar (which opens dropdown menu)
2) Choose "Submit new Story" from the menu. You will be taken to Community post editor
3) Enter image, headline, subheading, and text
4) Click the button "Next”
5) Add tags and click enter
6) SEO window opens to fill out
7) Click “Send for review”
8) The draft is submitted for review (Your story will be reviewed and published. Thank you in advance for your submission!!)
Do you pay SWAAY Voices and other writers?
Content published through our SWAAY Voices program is non-compensated. It is an opportunity to share your opinion with our members. However, SWAAY does pay for original journalism, researched stories, exclusives, and/or interviews. If you have a story idea that you would like to pitch, email editors@SWAAYmedia.com
What are the guidelines for acceptable VOICE content?


What are the SWAAY Member Communities?
The SWAAY online communities are safe and supportive places where you can ask for advice, give advice, take part in Q&As, and connect with like-minded women.
What kind of Communities do you have?
Right now we are launching with a limited number of communities that are controlled by designated moderators. If you have things to say that aren’t currently being addressed in our existing communities or a community that you would like to start, email your suggestions to editors@SWAAYmedia.com In the future we will open up the platform for members to begin communities directly on the platform.
How do I post within a Community Page?
It’s as simple as commenting in the post field.
Who are the Moderators?
SWAAY moderators are the leaders and main contributors to the discussions we are having in our Member Communities. Although they help us all maintain a safe, fun, and productive environment, their primary purpose is not to police others, but to take an active role posting relevant content and contributing to discussions as role models for all users.
What are the moderator guidelines?
Below are the guidelines that all moderators have agreed to before stepping into this role:
Moderators will:
- Be reasonable and use abilities responsibly
- Help new members feel welcome
- Lead by example
- Report abuse
- Communicate with each other and staff
Moderators will NOT:
- Delete discussions or ban or request a ban without evidence of the member breaking a specific guideline
- Publish correspondence, images, resources, etc. before obtaining permission from all involved—community members and/or staff.

Connecting with Members

How do I connect with other members?
At this time we do not have member-to-member messaging on our platform, that’s why we ask for members to include their email and social handles to encourage direct contact. If you are not comfortable with sharing your (everyday) email, consider using another one that you feel comfortable being available within our SWAAY network.
Are there rules about replying?
As a common courtesy to your fellow SWAAY members, we ask that you reply to any inbound messages within 14 business days (although we understand that things happen).
What about solicitation?
We all do great things and want to share them, but actively trying to sell a product, spamming members and using the SWAAY platform as a way to solely sell your products is not allowed. If you feel that messages are bordering on solicitation, please notify the SWAAY admin team ASAP. Members that solicit or market their services in excessive fashion will be notified, and those do not follow the member rules will not be tolerated and membership will be terminated.
How do I search for other members?
See all of our SWAAY Voices and members here.


Where do events take place?
SWAAY events take place in various cities nationwide, but the majority of the events occur in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and the Hamptons. This list will grow along with us!
Will I get invited to every event?
SWAAY has different types of events – from special to events open to all. We will include event information on the website, in The Echo (the SWAAY newsletter), and sometimes by special email announcement. On occasion, SWAAY curates special events and only invites a subset of our members as some of the brands we partner with may want a particular profile for the guest list. This is not meant to exclude anyone and there are plenty of events to enjoy.
Are events paid?
It depends. Some of our events are free to members, others will have member pricing. However, if you would like to bring a friend to check out what we are all about, there may be a non-member ticket price.
Contact Us
For more information contact info@SWAAYmedia.com or our editors at editors@swaaymedia.com