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SWAAY is dedicated to changing the narrative by sharing the stories of women who are challenging the norms and giving them a platform to participate in more meaningful conversations. SWAAY Voices is a network of inspiring, professional women who use SWAAY to tell their stories and share their experiences.

It’s what we have been doing since SWAAY was founded in 2016: amplifying voices that are unapologetically themselves both professionally and personally.

SWAAY is the only digital platform where women own the conversation. It’s an innovative media platform that combines the “best of social networking” with the “best of publishing” to inspire through content and social connections. Our unique contributor network has enabled thousands of women to shape their voice and leverage SWAAY’s reach to share their stories, build up their brands, and connect with other like-minded ladies.

SWAAY brings together women looking for advice, providing communities where they support one another and offer meaningful, thoughtful content to read and share. We call it “womensplaining,” the explanation of something by a woman, informed by her successes and failures.

When a woman shares her powerful lessons she inspires and lifts up those around her. It’s what we are here for. Join the conversation.

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Iman Oubou

Iman Oubou

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Emily Hutton

Emily Hutton

Senior Editor
Emily heads SWAAY's editorial department and is our go-to for one-on-one editorial guidance.