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Scrum is probably the most popular software development methodology. What is it? What is special about this approach? This is a kind of framework that allows you to successfully solve the problems of software development of high complexity and importance. Taking into account all the features and work specs, Scrum has remarkable functionality flexibility. The software distribution kits installed on computers of different developers can be completely different from each other but this fact won't stop fine tuning. Scrum is also accessible and understandable even for those who do not have any experience in the IT niche. However, it is difficult to master this methodology deeply. Scrum has been used quite successfully in project management for the last several years.

What Can Standuply Do for You?

Information spreads very fast in the modern world. Consequently the methods of project running are constantly changing. There fore, the most important success indicator for an online company is the quality of team communication. No matter you lead a remote team or in-house specialists, you are to run all the internal processes in such a way that none of your employees should ask what he has to do and why he needs to work on a particular task. Planning sprint retrospective with Standuply Slack bot can be a great solution for you.

It turns out that Slack and the applications developed for it can satisfy almost all the needs of the product manager. There are still a lot of high-quality and useful products specifically for Slack. And Standuply is one of them. The solution is designed for holding online meetings, sharing inputs and analyzing results the team has achieved during the sprint.

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App developers have invested much time and a lot of efforts making the solution highly functional and easy to use. Here are some of the unique benefits of Standuply:

  • multi-admin access rights;
  • asynchronous video and voice standups;
  • integrations with Jira, Trello, Github,
  • functionality for backlog grooming and sprint planning;
  • the possibility to adjust Slack bot features to particular needs of the project;
  • the possibility to access standups history at any point of time;
  • sending standups summary to email;
  • sprint board analyze feature.

It is easy to lead a team and run a project effectively when you have an appropriate tool at hand. Thus, you will never forget about a meeting and will hold it in such a way that every teammate will understand what has to be improved in the next sprint. Invest minimum resources and run successful projects, and motivate every team member to invest maximum efforts in the collective goal.

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Salesforce is customer relationship management empowerment force and that is for good reason. The platform helps in streamlining different facts of the business organization starting from the sales process to the delivering and marketing of the product. Salesforce out of the box is the greater system and it really shines and grows the business when the resources are allocated in order to fit all needs. Hiring the best salesforce consultant is the best thing that a business can do to get the most from CRM salesforce.


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