Mykonos: Glamour and Style in the Mediterranean

It is one of the top summer tourist destinations in Greece and abroad. Every summer, jets, yachts and all sorts of luxury boats stop at Mykonos port and their wealthy owners spend their holidays on the island.

Mykonos has picturesque and beautiful alleys, which are flooded every summer by the thousands of tourists. Many celebrities are seen in Mykonos' beaches which offer a luxurious lifestyle to anyone who chooses the island for their vacations.

The restaurants and the bars of the island are also lavish and impressive. Expensive drinks, signature cocktails or dishes and all sorts of luxury are what guests enjoy most. The touristic development of the island has taken place just in the last few decades.

  • The island's vivid nightlife and everlasting party mood

Party beaches: Beach parties, dance, and fun until the morning on the most popular and… restless beaches of the Mediterranean. Sometimes parties can get really wild with shows and champagne showers. These beaches are:

- Super Paradise, where the two legendary night clubs Super Paradise Beach Club and Jackie O turn the party into a show for the crowds.

- Paranga, a must for party animals as both the historic Kalua Beach Bar and Scorpios boho-chic bar are located here.

- Psarou, the cosmopolitan beach with the world-famous club – restaurant Nammos continues to welcome the international jet set by hosting a lot of events with local and foreign DJs and bands.

Mykonos Town: This is a city that never sleeps at night. As soon as the sun goes down, guests rush into small bars, cafes, and big night clubs. The narrow alleys become crowded and visitors jump from one bar to the other until morning.

Private parties: They are very common in Mykonos and they usually take place at private Mykonos Villas or luxury yachts, rented or owned by the party host.

  • A large variety of luxury accommodations to choose from (boutique hotels, villas)

The first thing you will need for a glamorous vacation in luxury accommodation. You will find a lot of five-star boutique hotels and Luxury Villas in Mykonos to choose your dreamy place to stay.

Boutique hotels: They usually are small resorts with many facilities where guests can have a lot of amenities and services. Some of the most lavish five-star boutique hotels are:

  • Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge (The Leading Hotels of the World) in Mykonos City
  • Kensho Boutique Hotel and Suites at Ornos
  • Mykonos Riviera (Small Luxury Hotels of the World) at Tourlos
  • Portobello in Mykonos City
  • Lyo Boutique Hotel at Super Paradise Beach
  • Nissaki at Platis Yialos
  • DeLight Boutique Hotel (Small Luxury Hotels of the World) at Agios Ioannis
  • Myconian Kyma (Design Hotels) in Mykonos City

Villas: This is the type of accommodation most VIPs prefer. Mykonos Villas offer privacy and large living spaces. In combination with some concierge services from an agency, you will have all your needs and tastes covered.

There is a big number of Villas available for rent, in many different locations. Our advice is to start searching for your ideal villa early, as the demand is high, especially for July and August.

  • The countless beautiful beaches, some organized, other unspoiled

Mykonos has a lot of beautiful beaches and the best part is that they can cover almost all tastes. They all have transparent waters and most of them have golden sand. Some beaches are organized with a lot of facilities – like restaurants, bars, shops and water sports centers – and amenities (sun loungers, umbrellas, cabanas). Others are less famous and still unspoiled and you can enjoy their natural environment in serenity.

Organized beaches: Paradise (Diving Club, Water sports, Nudist Friendly, party beach), Megali Ammos (Family Friendly), Ornos (Family Friendly, Windsurfing), Agios Ioannis (Water sports, Windsurfing), Elia (Water sports, Family Friendly), Super Paradise (Water sports, party beach), Agios Stefanos (Water sports, Family Friendly), Psarrou (Water sports, party beach), Platis Gialos (Water sports, Family Friendly), Paranga (Water sports, party beach), Kalo Livadi (Water sports, Family Friendly).

Non organized beaches: Kapari (Nudist Friendly), Houlakia (Pebbled), Ftelia (Pebbled, Windsurfing), Fokos (Pebbled, Nudist Friendly), Agios Sostis (Nudist Friendly) and Divounia (Pebbled).

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When There's Room To Fly, Women Soar: Why We Should Invest In Women Entrepreneurs

I think we can all agree that we are living in unprecedented times, and many of us are experiencing challenges in both our personal and professional lives. But it is important to remember that often, challenging moments present opportunities for change. Right now, companies and individuals are using this time to rethink how they conduct their business, the resources critical to their success, and how they go about their daily activities. And what we are seeing is that more and more people, especially women, are taking control of their lives by starting their own businesses.

While it is estimated that the number of women-owned businesses is one-quarter to one-third of all enterprises worldwide, there are still many women who aspire to make entrepreneurship a reality. A new Herbalife Nutrition survey conducted by OnePoll of 9,000 women across 15 countries, including 2,000 women in the U.S., found that globally, 72% of women want to open their own business. Of those, 50% don't yet have a business and 22% have one but would like to open another.

Women want to have more control over their future, but they are committed to helping future generations by being a role model for younger women; 80% believe this is a strong motivating factor.

The second annual survey, which explores women and entrepreneurship globally, revealed the overwhelming challenges women experience in the traditional workplace compared to their male colleagues. In fact, more than 60% of women said they would like to start a business due to unfair treatment in previous job roles. Of the women surveyed, 7 in 10 believe that women must work harder to have the same opportunities as men in the workforce. Results also revealed that 43% of women have delayed having children because they thought it would negatively affect their career, and 25% said they had faced pregnancy discrimination. 42% believe they've been unfairly overlooked for a raise or promotion because of their gender — and of those, the average respondents had it happen three separate times. These are a few of the challenges that have been a catalyst for the surge in entrepreneurship among women.

The irony is that startups founded and cofounded by women performed better than their men counterparts: on average women-owned firms generated 10% higher cumulative revenue over five years, compared with men.

With the barriers and negative experiences women cited in the workforce, it is not surprising that across the globe, the top motivation for starting a business is to run it themselves (61%). Women want to have more control over their future, but they are committed to helping future generations by being a role model for younger women; 80% believe this is a strong motivating factor.

But the women surveyed don't expect entrepreneurship to be smooth sailing: one-third of women with plans for entrepreneurship are "very worried" about their business — or future business — failing in the next five years. The top three challenges when starting a business center around finances — earning enough money to offset costs, having enough budget to grow, and financing their business. And when it comes to financing, women face stark disparities in the capital they often need to fund their business. Boston Consulting Group found that women entrepreneurs averaged $935,000 in investments, which is less than half the average of $2.1 million invested in companies founded by men entrepreneurs. The irony is that startups founded and cofounded by women performed better than their men counterparts: on average women-owned firms generated 10% higher cumulative revenue over five years, compared with men.

Women entrepreneurs create a source of income for themselves and their families. They are a vital part of our world's economic engine that society needs to support with flexible opportunities, mentorship, and access to capital. Herbalife Nutrition is proud that more than half of our independent distributors worldwide are women who set up their businesses and decide when and where they work and do so on their terms. We need to invest in women entrepreneurs, not only to help one generation, but to offer role models for the next.