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As we are all stuck indoors for the time being with the chaos of the world weighing heavily on our minds, I can't help but feel painfully… not horny. Clearly I love sex, I own a sex toy store! It's masturbation month! But I've gotta say that my masturbation has become more to-the-point than ever. As a sex educator who frequently preaches about sexual pleasure not being goal-oriented or orgasm-focused, I've actually been doing just that — masturbating as briefly and efficiently as possible.

Being an entrepreneur comes with a load of stress. It is exciting to be starting something of your own and be free from having a boss or the demands of a corporation. But let's face it; you are suddenly playing every role in the company: marketing, managing, public relations, book-keeping, etc., and that is a lot to juggle. Keeping your stress levels in check is critical, and to do that you need to focus on three main things: diet, exercise and relaxation.

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