Life Situations When It's Smart to Have a Lawyer by Your Side

There are some situations in life when it is best to play it safe and have a lawyer by your side in order to ensure that you take the proper steps and follow procedures when going through certain tasks or ordeals. Just because you need the assistance of a lawyer does not mean that you are a criminal or involved in some act of crime.

There are many normal things that happen every day which could require you to have a lawyer present. This article will seek to outline a few of these scenarios, giving light to the potential benefits that having a lawyer present will grant you.

Whether you are trying to get married, or have recently been injured, this article will help to give you a clear picture of the next steps that you should take and how a lawyer can help with the various pitfalls along your journey.

Buying or selling a house

Many people do not often associate buying a house with lawyers and a whole legal process that is involved. The reality is that in most cases you will want to have a lawyer present when you are either purchasing or selling a home

Lawyers can help to prepare, submit, and validate the legal forms which you must fill out in order to either buy or sell a home. Having a lawyer at your side will help to ensure that your home purchase or sale goes through smoothly and without fault.

Getting injured

If you have been in an accident, fight, victim to assault, or any other form of injury then there is a very good chance that having a lawyer can help you out. Depending on the severity of your injuries you can be entitled to massive amounts of money in lawsuits, especially if your injuries occurred on the job.

Experts in personal injury law, such as Brooks Law Group, may be able to help you out if you want to pursue legal action regarding a personal injury that you have recently sustained. Your personal health is something that you should take extremely seriously, and consequently if you have been injured then we highly recommend that you find a good personal injury lawyer to help you through your lawsuit.

Business deals

If you own or operate a business then you know that it is very important to have lawyers present when making large deals or creating contracts for workers. This will help to ensure that all of the documents are in proper order and the contracts are worded correctly.

If there are errors in the contracts that you put out then it could have catastrophic results depending on the severity of the mistype. In order to make sure there are no loose ends and everything is prepared properly then we highly recommend including a lawyer on your businesses team.

Issues at work

If you have had issues in your workplace due to problems with management, union issues, workplace safety issues, or any number of different issues then getting a lawyer involved can be extremely beneficial.

If you are involved with a union then chances are they will issue you a lawyer to be present during any important meetings related to your job. This is one of the many benefits of being part of a union. If you do not have a lawyer for your job then it is also possible to hire one by yourself, but usually you will be forced to pay out of your own pocket.

Getting married

What many people do not realise is that getting married is actually a legal agreement. This means that in some cases lawyers can get involved with the process of becoming legally married.

This can sometimes take the form of a prenuptial agreement, which is a set of terms and conditions agreed upon before becoming legally bound to one another. There are also other instances in which lawyers can become involved in your marriage, such as through divorce, adoption, and many other avenues.

Hopefully this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different ways in which having a lawyer by your side can help you out in various situations. There is nothing wrong with having someone who is knowledgeable of the law at your side aiding your decisions. This can often help to avoid costly mistakes, which end up prolonging the process even further and in some cases requiring additional aid.

By following the concrete strategies outlined in this article you will be well equipped to determine how a lawyer can help to aid you in your personal and business affairs.

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Please Don't Forget to Say Thank You

"More grapes, please," my daughter asked, as she continued to color her Peppa Pig drawing at the kitchen table.

"What do you say?" I asked her, as I was about to hand her the bowl.

"More grapes?"

I shook my head.


I stood there.

"I want green grapes instead of red grapes?"

I shook my head again. I handed her the bowl of green grapes. "Thank you. Please don't forget to say thank you."

"Thank you, Momma!"

Here's the question at hand: Do we have to retrain our leaders to say thank you like I am training my children?

Many of us are busy training our young children on manners on the other side of the Zoom camera during this pandemic. Reminding them to say please, excuse me, I tried it and it's not my favorite, I am sorry, and thank you. And yet somehow simple manners continue to be undervalued and underappreciated in our workplaces. Because who has time to say thank you?

"Call me. This needs to be completed in the next hour."

"They didn't like the deck. Needs to be redone."

"When are you planning on sending the proposal?"

"Did you see the questions he asked? Where are the responses?"

"Needs to be done by Monday."

Let me take a look. I didn't see a please. No please. Let me re-read it again. Nope, no thank you either. Sure, I'll get to that right away. Oh yes, you're welcome.

Organizations are under enormous pressure in this pandemic. Therefore, leaders are under enormous pressure. Business models collapsing, budget cuts, layoffs, or scrapping plans… Companies are trying to pivot as quickly as possible—afraid of extinction. With employees and leaders everywhere teaching and parenting at home, taking care of elderly parents, or maybe even living alone with little social interaction, more and more of us are dealing with all forms of grief, including losing loved ones to COVID-19.

So we could argue we just don't have time to say thank you; we don't have time to express gratitude. There's too much happening in the world to be grateful for anything. We are all living day to day, the pendulum for us swinging between surviving and thriving. But if we don't have the time to be grateful now, to show gratitude and thanks as we live through one of the most cataclysmic events in recent human history, when will we ever be thankful?

If you don't think you have to say thank you; if you don't think they deserve a thank you (it's their job, it's what they get paid to do); or if you think, "Why should I say thank you, no one ever thanks me for anything?" It's time to remember that while we might be living through one of the worst recessions of our lifetimes, the market will turn again. Jobs will open up, and those who don't feel recognized or valued will be the first to go. Those who don't feel appreciated and respected will make the easy decision to work for leaders who show gratitude.

But if we don't have the time to be grateful now, to show gratitude and thanks as we live through one of the most cataclysmic events in recent human history, when will we ever be thankful?

Here's the question at hand: Do we have to retrain our leaders to say thank you like I am training my children? Remind them with flashcards? Bribe them with a cookie? Tell them how I proud I am of them when they say those two magical words?

Showing gratitude isn't that difficult. You can send a thoughtful email or a text, send a handwritten card, send something small as a gesture of thank you, or just tell them. Call them and tell them how thankful you are for them and for their contributions. Just say thank you.

A coworker recently mailed me a thank you card, saying how much she appreciated me. It was one of the nicest things anyone from work has sent me during this pandemic. It was another reminder for me of how much we underestimate the power of a thank you card.

Apparently, quarantine gratitude journals are all the rage right now. So it's great if you have a beautiful, leather-bound gratitude journal. You can write down all of the people and the things that you are thankful for in your life. Apparently, it helps you sleep better, helps you stay grounded, and makes you in general happier. Just don't forget to take a moment to stop writing in that journal, and to show thanks and gratitude to those you are working with every single day.