How to Become a Successful Real Estate Broker


The real estate industry offers a huge variety of opportunities for those who are eager and ambitious enough to take up the challenge.

However, if you plan on becoming a successful broker in this field, there are a few steps that you will need to take along the path to a rewarding career. Here are just some of the strategies that are worth deploying to achieve this goal.

Foster excellent communication skills

As a real estate agent, the ability to communicate effectively with vendors and buyers when arranging viewings, orchestrating transactions and pursuing appealing prospects will be imperative.

It is not just about being a master salesperson and using your silver tongue to secure a deal; you also need to be contactable and responsive to the interactions that your customers initiate. If you do not manage your time properly or fail to reply to messages efficiently, you could sour relationships and struggle to gain traction.

Use the right software

No matter how much skill and experience you have as a real estate broker, unless you have the right software at your disposal, you will find it hard to keep pace with better-equipped competitors.

This is where platforms like the Paperless Pipeline broker management solution come into play. With the assistance of technology, you will be able to manage real estate transactions with ease, use alerts to make sure deadlines are met and automate the more time-consuming aspects to avoid monopolizing your resources on tedious admin tasks.

Software services built for real estate will be able to expand as your business grows and scale to cope with your increasing success, so you need not worry about being bottlenecked if interest in your brokerage begins to skyrocket.

Embrace social media

Social media has become essential for many businesses across a host of industries, and real estate is no different in this respect.

Indeed you should expect that some prospective clients will start their search for brokers on their social platforms of choice, rather than taking traditional routes. This means that if you do not have a presence on the likes of Instagram, Twitter and YouTube you could be missing a new generation of buyers and sellers.

Once again you can harness software to make managing your social media obligations easier. Most importantly, aim for consistency across the platforms you occupy and keep both your socials and your website up to date to avoid looking behind the curve, while also leveraging SEO to generate organic traffic.

Follow in the footsteps of experts

If you are entirely new to the world of real estate, then it makes sense to shadow a broker who is already established on the scene and has a successful business in their own right so that you can get a better idea of what it takes to reach the same heights yourself.

In conclusion, becoming a successful real estate broker is not something that can happen overnight, but rather something you need to work on over time with patience and a commitment to putting plenty of passion into it.

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Help! My Friend Is a No Show

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Help! My Friend Is a No Show

Dear Armchair Psychologist,

I have a friend who doesn't reply to my messages about meeting for dinner, etc. Although, last week I ran into her at a local restaurant of mine, it has always been awkward to be friends with her. Should I continue our friendship or discontinue it? We've been friends for a total four years and nothing has changed. I don't feel as comfortable with her as my other close friends, and I don't think I'll ever be able to reach that comfort zone in pure friendship.


Dear Sadsies,

I am sorry to hear you've been neglected by your friend. You may already have the answer to your question, since you're evaluating the non-existing bond between yourself and your friend. However, I'll gladly affirm to you that a friendship that isn't reciprocated is not a good friendship.

I have had a similar situation with a friend whom I'd grown up with but who was also consistently a very negative person, a true Debby Downer. One day, I just had enough of her criticism and vitriol. I stopped making excuses for her and dumped her. It was a great decision and I haven't looked back. With that in mind, it could be possible that something has changed in your friend's life, but it's insignificant if she isn't responding to you. It's time to dump her and spend your energy where it's appreciated. Don't dwell on this friend. History is not enough to create a lasting bond, it only means just that—you and your friend have history—so let her be history!

- The Armchair Psychologist

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