How To Avoid Extra Costs When Renting A Car in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect destination for your holiday. From the Burj Khalifa to the Burj D'Arab, Dubai has some of the best infrastructures in the world. Home to millions of people with more than thousands of tourists coming into the city through the two airports in the city, Dubai has a large population density.

To move from one place to another in Dubai, most people use the public transportation systems that are available within the city. However, these public transportation systems that are available in the city are uncomfortable, unreliable and come with a high level of inconvenience. Many car rentals in Dubai now operate within the city to provide rental cars for individuals that want to rent a car on a short term or long term car rental. Rent a Car Dubai offers a greater level of comfort, excitement and reliability than what the public transportation systems offer.

It is the desire of every tourist or resident to avoid extra costs when renting a car in Dubai. To rent a car in Dubai at the best possible deal, you can do the following;

Avoid Airport car rentals

In Dubai, some car rental companies operate at the airport to provide car rental services for tourists that are coming into Dubai. The car rental deals that are offered by these car rental companies are expensive due to the tax that are collected. Some of these taxes cost more than 25% of the total cost of renting the car. If you are looking to Rent a Car Dubai at the lowest possible costs, you must avoid the airport car rentals.

Do not rent car accessories

Car Rental Dubai allows you to rent car accessories like GPS trackers and children seats for your car rental trips. GPS trackers are installed by the car rental company to help you locate places in Dubai. Also, children seats are installed in rental cars to make the journey more comfortable for your kids. However, these car accessories come at an extra cost that you must avoid when you rent a car in Dubai. To avoid these extra costs, you can use an alternative like Google map on your smartphone to locate places in place of GPS trackers. Furthermore, instead of renting the children seat anytime you want to rent a car in Dubai, you can buy a permanent children seat for your trips.

Do not prepay for fuel

It is a general rule in most car rentals in Dubai that you must re-fill the tank of a rental car before returning the car to the car rental company. In some cases, Car Rental Dubai can collect fuel charges from you to cover for the cost of refilling the tank of the rental car. You can prepay for fuel charges offered by the car rental directly from your credit card. Since the tank of the car may not be empty when you return the rental car, you can avoid spending much money on fuel by re-filling the tank of the fuel yourself in a fuel station before returning the rental car. By not prepaying for fuel, you will avoid extra costs when renting a car in Dubai.

Employ your personal insurance company

When you want to Cheap Rent a Car Dubai, you will be asked to pay some insurance charge in line with the insurance policy of the car rental. However, these insurance charges increase the total cost of the car rental deal. To avoid these extra costs that are sometimes very expensive, you can employ the service of a personal insurance company to provide insurance cover for the rental car at a lower cost.

Do not damage the car

Car Rentals in Dubai allows you to inspect the car very well before driving away. It is very important for you to check the car properly before renting a car. However, when you Rent a Car Dubai does not damage the car. If you damage the rental car, you will be asked by the car rental company to pay for the repairs and fixing car damages.

Avoid the tolls

Tolls have been put in place by car rentals in Dubai to collect taxes from individuals that drive cars in Dubai. Tolls have their own charge rate that affects the total cost of renting a car. To avoid tolls, you can select the "Avoid tolls" on your GPS tracker to avoid routes that have tolls. If you are looking to avoid extra costs when renting a car in Dubai, you must avoid the tolls.

Return the car on time

Extra charges are collected from individuals who rent a car in Dubai for failure to return the car on time at the expiry of the car rental deal. To avoid paying these extra charges when you rent a car in Dubai, always ensure you return the car on time to the car rental company.


Car rental companies in Dubai provide rental cars to residents and tourists in Dubai. However, to rent a car in Dubai you must have a valid driver's license and you must be up to the age of 21. Furthermore, several extra costs must be avoided to endeavor you rent a car at the best possible deal. If you are looking to avoid extra charges when you rent a car, this article will guide you effectively.

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Help! My Friend Is a No Show

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Help! My Friend Is a No Show

Dear Armchair Psychologist,

I have a friend who doesn't reply to my messages about meeting for dinner, etc. Although, last week I ran into her at a local restaurant of mine, it has always been awkward to be friends with her. Should I continue our friendship or discontinue it? We've been friends for a total four years and nothing has changed. I don't feel as comfortable with her as my other close friends, and I don't think I'll ever be able to reach that comfort zone in pure friendship.


Dear Sadsies,

I am sorry to hear you've been neglected by your friend. You may already have the answer to your question, since you're evaluating the non-existing bond between yourself and your friend. However, I'll gladly affirm to you that a friendship that isn't reciprocated is not a good friendship.

I have had a similar situation with a friend whom I'd grown up with but who was also consistently a very negative person, a true Debby Downer. One day, I just had enough of her criticism and vitriol. I stopped making excuses for her and dumped her. It was a great decision and I haven't looked back. With that in mind, it could be possible that something has changed in your friend's life, but it's insignificant if she isn't responding to you. It's time to dump her and spend your energy where it's appreciated. Don't dwell on this friend. History is not enough to create a lasting bond, it only means just that—you and your friend have history—so let her be history!

- The Armchair Psychologist

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