How Marble Designs Can Change Your Look for the Better

Your wardrobe says a lot about you. You choose the items in your wardrobe carefully, reflecting your personal taste and the message you want to convey to others. One fashion trend that can truly upgrade your wardrobe is marble. While traditionally marble has been limited to actual stone countertops, tiles, and floors, the veining found in the natural stone is a hot design trend that can change your wardrobe for the better.

Over the past several years, marble designs have trumped other more traditional prints (move over leopard print and snakeskin!). It's a trend that has taken the fashion world by storm and doesn't appear to be going anywhere any time soon. One of the key reasons the marble design has done so well is that it is that perfect balance between pattern and the growing trend of minimalism. Including marble designs can instantly take any look to the next level by lending the look a sense of sophistication and elegance.

One of the most popular marble designs that is being used in fashion is the Carrara marble pattern. It's white base with grey hued veining lend a classic look to virtually any piece in your wardrobe. Another popular marble design is the Calacatta black marble pattern, which is a black background with white veining. This is a less classic look, but still very chic and elegant. These marble designs, of which you can find more here, can be integrated into the key parts of your wardrobe:


Adding accessories with marble designs may be the easiest way to integrate marble into your wardrobe. Phone cases tend to be the most popular accessory to sport the marble pattern. Marble patterns are one of the hottest design trends for cell phone cases. A quick glance on Instagram and you're sure to see tons of shots where this sleek design pops up.

Another popular accessory to sport marble designs is the clutch and handbag. Using marble designs make these small bags look like a piece of art. Not only will you find them in the popular Carrara marble and the Calacatta marble patterns, but it's popular to see clutches and handbags use marble patterns in pink and gold hues as well.

Marble designs have also found their way to hair accessories and jewelry as well. A simple marble patterned barrette or clip can be just the sleek finishing touch your outfit needs. If you want to wear your hair down, opt for a necklace with marble print pendants or a marble print cuff.


Marble patterns have been used on chunky heels, strappy sandals, ballet flats, canvas sneakers, boots, and more. The marbled design gives a unique pattern to the shoe that can add that special touch to any outfit. It's been used on the fabric of the shoe as well as the sole, each giving the shoe a unique look. A marbled pair of shoes can help you dress up virtually any look. This infamous design has even been worn by Lady Gaga, who sported a pair of Balenciaga ankle strap pumps with the white marble pattern.

Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and dresses may be the most popular fashions to feature the marble design. A simple Carrara marble pencil skirt can instantly take a look from blah to stylish, whether you're dressing for the boardroom or date night. Pencil skirts aren't your thing? No problem! The pattern looks great on all styles, whether it's a pleated skirt, a wrap dress, or any other style, the marble pattern (especially in the Carrara and Calacatta prints) takes your look to the next level. For more information, you can check out Fashion Adict.


Pair a Carrara print blazer with an all-black outfit and you have a chic, stylish outfit that shows you aren't messing around when it comes to fashion. This sophisticated look is great for the office or date night. If a blazer isn't quite your style, marble print is being used with many different jacket styles, including bomber jackets. Getting any style of jacket in this pattern can quickly and easily keep even the most casual of outfits on-trend.


When pairing marble print with fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is fabrics and accessories. But we can't leave out marble-design nails. Getting the perfect manicure can complete any look. While marble has taken over other aspects of fashion, nails have not been forgotten. Getting marbled nails is one of the hot trends right now. Book an appointment with your local nail salon and get on top of this trend. It will take virtually every look from great to wow!

Adding Marble into Your Wardrobe

If you don't have any marble patterns in your wardrobe already, what are you waiting for? This simple pattern can instantly add that touch of chic style to your wardrobe. If you're nervous about adding this pattern into your daily wardrobe, do it subtly. Pick one piece that has a marble design and pair it with a monochromatic look. This will help the design pop and will keep you from overwhelming yourself with patterns. Some pieces you could consider starting with would be a belt with a marble design to use over a solid colored dress or a marble print skirt with a plain top.

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Tempted To Dial Your Ex: 5 Ways To Know Whether Or Not You Should Contact An Old Flame

Thinking of ringing up your ex during these uncertain times? Maybe you want an excuse to contact your ex, or maybe you genuinely feel the need to connect with someone on an emotional level. As a matchmaker and relationship expert, I was surprised at the start of the coronavirus quarantine when friends were telling me that they were contacting their exes! But as social distancing has grown to be more than a short-term situation, we must avoid seeking short-term solutions—and resist the urge to dial an ex.

It stands to reason that you would contact an ex for support. After all, who knows you and your fears better than an ex? This all translates into someone who you think can provide comfort and support. As a matchmaker, I already know that people can spark and ignite relationships virtually that can lead to offline love, but lonely singles didn't necessarily believe this or understand this initially, which drives them straight back to a familiar ex. You only need to tune into Love Is Blind to test this theory or look to Dina Lohan and her virtual boyfriend.

At the start of lockdown, singles were already feeling lonely. There were studies that said as much as 3 out of 4 people were lonely, and that was before lockdown. Singles were worried that dating someone was going to be off limits for a very long time. Now when you factor in a widespread pandemic and the psychological impact that hits when you have to be in isolation and can't see anyone but your takeout delivery person, we end up understanding this urge to contact an ex.

So, what should you do if you are tempted to ring up an old flame? How do you know if it's the wrong thing or the right thing to do in a time like this? Check out a few of my points before deciding on picking up that phone to text, much less call an ex.

Before You Dial The Ex...

First, you need to phone a friend! It's the person that got you through this breakup to begin with. Let them remind you of the good, the bad and the ugly before taking this first step and risk getting sucked back in.

What was the reason for your breakup? As I mentioned before, you could get sucked back in… but that might not be a bad thing. It depends; when you phoned that friend to remind you, did she remind you of good or bad things during the breakup? It's possible that you both just had to take jobs in different cities, and the breakup wasn't due to a problem in the relationship. Have these problems resolved if there were issues?

You want to come from a good place of reflection and not let bad habits make the choice for you.

Depending on the reason for the breakup, set your boundaries for how much contact beforehand. If there was abuse or toxic behaviors in the relationship, don't even go there. You can't afford to repeat this relationship again.

If you know you shouldn't be contacting this ex but feel lonely, set up a support system ahead of time. Set up activities or things to fall back on to resist the urge. Maybe you phone a different friend, join a virtual happy hour for singles, or binge watch Netflix. Anything else is acceptable, but don't phone that ex.

Write down your reasons for wanting to contact the ex. Ask yourself if this is worth the pain. Are you flea-bagging again, or is there a friendship to be had, which will provide you with genuine comfort? If it's the latter, it's okay to go there. If it's an excuse to go back together and make contact, don't.

Decide how far you are willing to take the relationship this time, without it being a rinse and repeat. If you broke up for reasons beyond your control, it's okay. If your ex was a serial cheater, phone a friend instead.

If there was abuse or toxic behaviors in the relationship, don't even go there. You can't afford to repeat this relationship again.

As life returns to a more normal state and you adjust to the new normal, we will slowly begin to notice more balance in our lives. You want to come from a good place of reflection and not let bad habits make the choice for you. Some do's and don'ts for this time would be:

  • Do: exercise ⁠— taking care of you is important during this time. It's self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do: shower, brush your teeth, and get out of your sweats.
  • Don't: be a couch potato.
  • Don't: drink or eat excessively during this time. Again, remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do: think positive thoughts everyday and write down the 3 things you are grateful for. Look at the impact of John Krasinksi's SGN. It's uplifting and when you feel good, you won't want to slide backwards.
  • Don't: contact a toxic ex. It's a backward move in a moment of uncertainty that could have a long term impact. Why continue flea bagging yourself?