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My daily work with my gynecology patients has made it apparent that it is time to have a frank talk about sexual health—specifically as it relates to our vaginal anatomy and physiology. For too many women, this topic is avoided and/or misunderstood. As a result, women experience a series of adverse consequences, from poorer health outcomes to lackluster sexual satisfaction. Even in this modern age of female empowerment and the ongoing drive for equity between the sexes, I still see many women who are embarrassed or even ashamed to discuss their own bodies. We've been misled by society to think that our sexual organs—and our very natural, normal concerns regarding them—are somehow distasteful or disgusting to discuss. Far too many women believe those lies and suffer as a result.

It has been six months since most companies officially sent employees home for what many thought would be a few weeks and has now become months, stretching on for the foreseeable future. The flexibility to work from home has long been part of the trend toward flexible work arrangements aimed at attracting and retaining talent in an ever more competitive market. However, half a year working from home has had the opposite effect on work-life balance for many and instead of feeling less stressed, people are feeling the WFH burnout.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a condition where the brain lacks the standard amount of impulse control receptors. Your moods are intense, fast, unpredictable, and rapidly changing. Everything is felt in extreme waves of emotion. It's as if you are in a tornado of your feelings. Some days you are in the calm eye of the storm. Other days you are swept up and out of control. No matter which day it is, you tend to leave destruction in your path.

On March 19th, our state's governor ordered all personal care services to close their doors until further notice. As the owner of a hair salon and extension bar, I feared the thought of closing our doors and losing income but felt it was the right and responsible decision to assist our community in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Never in all my thoughts did I think we would remain closed for three months.

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