Four Money Making Blog Ideas

There are millions of blogs out there on the internet, and that number is no exaggeration. If the most recent reliable statistics are to be believed, there are more than thirty million bloggers active in the United States of America alone. The figure for the whole world is believed to be closer to five hundred million. That's a lot of people doing a lot of writing.

Not all of those blogs are intended to generate commercial revenue, though. The majority of them are just people writing about their everyday lives, either for the purpose of keeping a diary, or providing inspiration or insight to others. Their blogs are personal rather than business, and so they shouldn't be considered commercial bloggers. If you take them out of the equation, it means that even though the numbers are increasing, it's still possible to make money out of blogging if you're good at it.

Before we go any further, we should stress how important the 'being good' aspect is. Not everybody has it in them to write, and the internet doesn't need any more misspelled blogs or poorly-researched articles. If you want to reach agreements with commercial partners, or be paid to review products, the quality of your writing has to be excellent. The other side of this is that if you're a good writer, you can write about anything. That's good news, because you'll probably need to!

Not every topic out there is a potential moneymaker when it comes to blogging. We have plenty of guides on our website about how you can make your blog more attractive, or how you can use language to connect with your audience, but that's not as important as the topic you're blogging on. If you get that wrong, you'll be working for free. Choose one of the topics below, however, and you're more likely to find an audience in the right places.

  1. Parenting

If you're in a position to blog about parenting, then it's still the safest bet when it comes to making money for your thoughts. There are several examples of parenting bloggers who have gone on to be millionaires, and there's a simple reason for it. Nobody knows what they're doing with parenting until it happens to them, and everybody panics. The first resource that most people turn to is their parents, but that's not always possible. Some people's parents aren't around anymore. Some people didn't enjoy the way they were brought up, and so they don't want to copy their parenting style from their parents. In some cases, people just want a second opinion! Authenticity is crucial if you're going to go down this route though; don't even consider it if you're not a parent yourself. You'll be expected to post pictures and videos, and you can't do that if you're not a parent. Because of that, you also need to be comfortable with sharing intimate details of your life with complete strangers. It's not for everyone - but it's a good revenue source for those who feel comfortable with it!

  1. Casinos and Gambling

Never has gambling been more fashionable than it is right now. Thirty years ago, gambling was something that either happened in smoky bars or casinos, and was done only by people who knew what they were doing. Now, casino games are everywhere. The internet has made mobile slots websites possible. On a mobile slots website like Amigo Slots, you'll find hundreds of different slots, along with every variety of other casino game you can think of. That's exciting if you know how to play mobile slots. If you don't, it's a little intimidating in terms of knowing where to start. People will always need somewhere to go to find out how poker, roulette, mobile slots, and all the rest of the games work. They also like to feel like they're getting inside information that increases their chance of a win. Not only that, the companies that operate these websites need somewhere to advertise. Your blog is as good a place as any!

  1. Personal Development

For all of its horrors and terrifying comments sections, the internet is still an aspirational place. If you type 'how do I' into Google, you'll find that the most popular suggested searches relate to people trying to improve their lives. They want to know how to become more productive, or more confident. People search for tips on how to get better at dating, or how to put themselves in pole position for a promotion at work. What advice do you have to impart in this area? If you're starting a blog to make money, you have more entrepreneurial spirit than most people do. What persuaded you to do it? What gave you the confidence? Is it something you could help to instill in others? Daily motivational posts always go own well, and you can put motivational quotes on t-shirts, or mousepads, or other items. Can you tell people how to focus on their work and get things done? If you can, you might be able to sell a training course through your blog.

  1. Travel

Travel broadens the mind, but also makes people nervous. That's why people spend hours reading reviews of hotels and tourist attractions before they spend money on a vacation. Most people are savvy enough not to believe the glamorized description of a vacation they'll see on a travel agent's website or the hotel's official material, so they like to go looking for an independent voice. Travel bloggers are the people who provide that independent voice; they offer the wealth of their own experience, and tell people where to go and where to avoid. As with running a parenting blog, the key to success in this field is authenticity. You can't write about somewhere if you've never been, and don't have evidence of your trip. Familiarity with your subject matter is an absolute must. If you get it right, you'll soon find travel companies approaching you, wanting to put a paid booking link under your articles so people can make reservations based on your recommendations.

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Tempted To Dial Your Ex: 5 Ways To Know Whether Or Not You Should Contact An Old Flame

Thinking of ringing up your ex during these uncertain times? Maybe you want an excuse to contact your ex, or maybe you genuinely feel the need to connect with someone on an emotional level. As a matchmaker and relationship expert, I was surprised at the start of the coronavirus quarantine when friends were telling me that they were contacting their exes! But as social distancing has grown to be more than a short-term situation, we must avoid seeking short-term solutions—and resist the urge to dial an ex.

It stands to reason that you would contact an ex for support. After all, who knows you and your fears better than an ex? This all translates into someone who you think can provide comfort and support. As a matchmaker, I already know that people can spark and ignite relationships virtually that can lead to offline love, but lonely singles didn't necessarily believe this or understand this initially, which drives them straight back to a familiar ex. You only need to tune into Love Is Blind to test this theory or look to Dina Lohan and her virtual boyfriend.

At the start of lockdown, singles were already feeling lonely. There were studies that said as much as 3 out of 4 people were lonely, and that was before lockdown. Singles were worried that dating someone was going to be off limits for a very long time. Now when you factor in a widespread pandemic and the psychological impact that hits when you have to be in isolation and can't see anyone but your takeout delivery person, we end up understanding this urge to contact an ex.

So, what should you do if you are tempted to ring up an old flame? How do you know if it's the wrong thing or the right thing to do in a time like this? Check out a few of my points before deciding on picking up that phone to text, much less call an ex.

Before You Dial The Ex...

First, you need to phone a friend! It's the person that got you through this breakup to begin with. Let them remind you of the good, the bad and the ugly before taking this first step and risk getting sucked back in.

What was the reason for your breakup? As I mentioned before, you could get sucked back in… but that might not be a bad thing. It depends; when you phoned that friend to remind you, did she remind you of good or bad things during the breakup? It's possible that you both just had to take jobs in different cities, and the breakup wasn't due to a problem in the relationship. Have these problems resolved if there were issues?

You want to come from a good place of reflection and not let bad habits make the choice for you.

Depending on the reason for the breakup, set your boundaries for how much contact beforehand. If there was abuse or toxic behaviors in the relationship, don't even go there. You can't afford to repeat this relationship again.

If you know you shouldn't be contacting this ex but feel lonely, set up a support system ahead of time. Set up activities or things to fall back on to resist the urge. Maybe you phone a different friend, join a virtual happy hour for singles, or binge watch Netflix. Anything else is acceptable, but don't phone that ex.

Write down your reasons for wanting to contact the ex. Ask yourself if this is worth the pain. Are you flea-bagging again, or is there a friendship to be had, which will provide you with genuine comfort? If it's the latter, it's okay to go there. If it's an excuse to go back together and make contact, don't.

Decide how far you are willing to take the relationship this time, without it being a rinse and repeat. If you broke up for reasons beyond your control, it's okay. If your ex was a serial cheater, phone a friend instead.

If there was abuse or toxic behaviors in the relationship, don't even go there. You can't afford to repeat this relationship again.

As life returns to a more normal state and you adjust to the new normal, we will slowly begin to notice more balance in our lives. You want to come from a good place of reflection and not let bad habits make the choice for you. Some do's and don'ts for this time would be:

  • Do: exercise ⁠— taking care of you is important during this time. It's self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do: shower, brush your teeth, and get out of your sweats.
  • Don't: be a couch potato.
  • Don't: drink or eat excessively during this time. Again, remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do: think positive thoughts everyday and write down the 3 things you are grateful for. Look at the impact of John Krasinksi's SGN. It's uplifting and when you feel good, you won't want to slide backwards.
  • Don't: contact a toxic ex. It's a backward move in a moment of uncertainty that could have a long term impact. Why continue flea bagging yourself?