10 Extraordinarily Empowering Facebook Groups for Women

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If you're not already addicted to Facebook's "groups" feature, you need to be groups are nothing short of life changing and will transform your ho-hum newsfeed experience into a dynamic open discussion with thousands of other people. They're perfect sounding boards for expressing yourself, getting ideas, and seeing new things at ground level. If you ask us, there's no better way to trend source and find likeminded people, making Facebook groups the ultimate business tool.

Beyond networking, though, Facebook groups are a safe haven for women and minorities to protect and encourage each other, and that's pretty cool.

We put together the top 10 Facebook groups you need to join now because they each offer a diverse group of members, have mandatory be nice to others" policies, and we've personally witnessed oodles of new connections between people who were formerly strangers.

1. Entrepreneur Exchange

If you own your own business, this one is a great place to meet other entrepreneurs, grab advice, bounce ideas off others, and collaborate. You may find yourself wealthier if you interact nicely with other members, but you'll definitely find yourself richer in friendship.

2. Travel Obsessed

Everyone loves going places, right? Travel Obsessed has a nice-people-only rule, and encourages people to share their travel experience, ask for travel tips and guidance, and interact about everything travel.

If your business or personal life takes you on the road or you have general wanderlust, this one is for you.

The group is particularly empowering because it was started in response to another travel-themed Facebook group that banned several types of women because of their nationality and religion. Travel Obsessed has an “all are welcome" policy and encourages kindness between all members.

3. Cat & Nat Chat

This one is for moms exclusively, but moms come from all walks of life, and this group is pretty inclusive. Over 33,000 moms are in there bouncing ideas off each other, tackling tough issues, asking and sharing advice, and even giving their kid gear to each other. It's especially useful for new moms who feel trapped in the chaos of parenting and need people going through the same thing.

4. PR Marketing & Media Czars

This group was started by the original media czar, Jennifer Demarchi, as a place for publicists and marketing professionals to collaborate and help each other expand their media footprints. The group is now over 20,000 members strong and has over 70% female members, including major Fortune 500 executives, top level magazine editors, and even a few celebs.

The group isn't for everyone though, so if you're not directly involved in the media in some way, shape, or form, don't try to get past the gate.

5. Beauty and Makeup Lovers Share Anything

This group is dedicated to anyone in the beauty industry and even general makeup, hair, and beauty enthusiasts. You don't have to be a makeup artist to be admitted, but you do have to generally live and love all things. You don't have to be a makeup artist to be admitted, but you do have to generally live and love all things beauty. The group is home to just about every beauty editor in the, top dermatologists, plastic surgeons, makeup artists, hair stylists, beauty bloggers of all styles and sizes, and models of all backgrounds. There are only two rules in this group: never try to sell anything to another group member (if you're selling Lipsense or Rodan + Fields you'll be kicked out), and always be kind to other group members.

6. Permission to Hustle

This networking and biz-encouraging group was started by OG mom bloggers Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClelland. It's a good place to find blogging insights, digital wisdom, and virtual high fives when you need 'em.

7. Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

This group is a smart feed of all things featured on Amy's Smart Girls, plus a round-up of links that inspire and motivate. Amy Poehler started the website with producer Martha Walker so girls have a place where they can just be themselves, and the resulting community embraces everything weird and wonderful about life, while helping girls improve themselves through intelligence and learning.

8. The Curvy Fashionista Community

Fans of the already-popular website, The Curvy Fashionista, continue their body-positive and inclusive discussions in this group, and spending even 10 minutes perusing the posts will make you want to hop on board the positivity train. It's a virtual grandma telling you you're beautiful and look nice today" and women of all shapes and sizes should definitely check it out.

9. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

This is another great place to bounce ideas, make new friends, and figure out the nuts and bolts of business ownership.

10. Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate

You'll find tens of thousands of women talking business and finding ways to make the most of each other's resources. If you don't leave a 20-minute session feeling full of ideas, call us shocked.

This article was originally published October 31, 2019.

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Using COVID-19 To Build Emotional Intelligence

COVID-19's impact on the world economy was virtually impossible to predict and fully prepare for. Governments balancing citizens' immediate health and safety vs. their financial needs resulted in emergency regulations that have hurt businesses worldwide. Today, the cannabis industry is considered essential, but as we entrepreneurs know, operating any business is a challenge. The entrepreneurial spirit burns brightly in tough times as we constantly look for ways to survive and improve our business while overcoming hardships.

But how do we do it? Especially with the growing rate of anxiety and depression?

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence means the ability to adapt to the stresses, tragedies, and discomforts that happen in everyday life.

Lao Tzu once said: "Strong is he who conquers others, but powerful is he who is able to conquer himself." Being an entrepreneur is liberating but at the same time requires great responsibility. Being emotionally intelligent will help you think rationally, make clear decisions, and deal with people better. Being smart in the emotional field is a skill acquired over time. It takes consistent practice and dedication. It's similar to building a fit body through exercising; you will realize that the more you exercise, the more you are able to achieve your aim. The steps to building emotional intelligence include:

1) Understand what it means to be emotionally intelligent

You cannot achieve what you don't know. Before training to be emotionally intelligent, understand what it means and why it is important.

Emotional intelligence means the ability to adapt to the stresses, tragedies, and discomforts that happen in everyday life. Being emotionally intelligent does not mean that you will not suffer or be upset, rather it means that you will be able to recognize and evaluate your feelings and others' feelings and plan on how to deal with them. It is also important to understand that achieving this is a gradual process and that people learn in different ways. Regular practice is necessary.

2) Think before making decisions

A lot of times when we are pushed to the wall or completely stressed out, we tend to act irrationally and end up regretting our actions. The best way to address this is to think before acting. Thinking before making decisions bring clarity about the situation and helps to avoid conflicts and unnecessary regrets.

3) Be empathetic

Everyone is in the same boat, and we never really know what's going on with the others around us. It is important to know how to put yourself in others' shoes, try to understand their behaviors, and always be open to new ideas!

4) Learn to relate to people

Good leaders are characterized by their good relationships with people. Having a genuine interest in people and encouraging their growth creates happy environments, and happy people are naturally more productive.

Seek not only to speak but to listen to people and try to understand what the other person is saying. This might be difficult, but it is a skill that produces a long-term benefit when you learn it.

Be open to receiving feedback and accepting diversity. The best way to grow professionally is by investing in relationships, as no one is or does everything alone all the time.

The entrepreneurial spirit burns brightly in tough times as we constantly look for ways to survive and improve our business while overcoming hardships.

5) You are in control of your reactions

Everyone has feelings, and we feel different things every day. The key is to know how to act on those feelings.

For example, I can feel angry and:

  • a) Keep it to myself
  • b) shout and attack someone
  • c) understand the reason for the anger, express what I'm feeling and why I'm feeling it

In all the reactions listed above, what triggered them is the same - anger. The reactions show that you might not be able to control what life puts in front of you, but you will always be in control of how you react.

6) Act with intention

Be in control of your focus, understand what is happening, and take action consciously. Mindfulness helps you focus on the present without letting the past or future affect you; it helps the mind to become healthier and happier.

7) Identify your strengths

Make a list of your best strengths and qualities and read them aloud. Remember that knowing your qualities helps you to become more focused and confident. This helps to increase your strength and emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a process. Give yourself time to practice these steps, and gradually you will see improvement in your business and personal life with each day that passes.