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Brie Larson Says It's Time To Stop Compromising On What You Deserve

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Brie Larson's newest ad campaign with Nissan is a fast-paced, empowering journey through downtown LA, with the major theme being that women should stop settling for less in their careers (and their cars).

Brie Larson And Nissan Are A Match Made In Heaven

The basic premise of this commercial is that a woman's boss nonchalantly dismisses her hopes of a promotion (#relatable) when Brie Larson drives up in her shiny, new Nissan Sentra and tells the woman to get in.

Basically, Brie Larson wearing a leather jacket in a Nissan Sentra is the new knight in shining armor riding in on a gallant steed.

On their drive around Los Angeles, Larson gives the woman a pep talk about refusing to compromise. This premise may not feel familiar to some people, but I and plenty of other women can confirm that this is something that women everywhere deal with every single day. According to McKinsey & Company's recent report entitled "Women In The Workplace 2019," "For every 100 men promoted and hired to manager, only 72 women are promoted and hired. [...] Not surprisingly, men end up holding 62 percent of manager-level positions, while women hold just 38 percent." So, yes, this does happen... pretty damn often.

In the end, Larson drops off her newfound friend who walks away determined to get the recognition she's been missing. Lesson being...

Don't compromise for less than you deserve.

We spoke to Allyson Witherspoon, Vice President of Marketing Communications and Media, Nissan North America about the inspiration and meaning behind this absolutely awesome commercial.

1. What was the vision for the creative concept?

The all-new Nissan Sentra is coming to market during International Women's Month. This timing is perfect to deliver an inspirational message to women around the country. The "Refuse to Compromise" message is particularly powerful because it applies to everyone. No matter your gender, age, ethnicity, financial situation, you should never let situations hold you back in life. Nissan didn't compromise with the all-new Sentra and with this campaign, we are communicating what makes the car stand out — impressive design, handling, performance, and more standard safety technology than any other car in its class. I hope we're inspiring customers to be bold and brave, just like our newest sedan.

2. Why was Brie the right choice for this concept?

Our goal with the "Refuse to Compromise" campaign is to deliver an inspiring way to introduce the all-new Nissan Sentra. Brie Larson has reached fantastic success in a male-dominated industry thanks to her unwavering spirit. She perfectly embodies the spirit of the campaign. Brie has also brought a unique point of view to the creative during the production process, advocating for diversity and inclusivity.

3. How was it to work with Brie Larson? We loved the behind the scenes conversation between you two!

Brie Larson is an absolute joy to work with. We had a phone call to discuss the concept into early stages and she was immediately drawn into the concept and what we're trying to achieve as the Nissan brand and for the all-new Sentra. She brought a unique perspective to the production process and ensuring we had a diverse and inclusive crew. My favorite part was seeing her first reaction to Sentra on set — she loved the car!

More Ads Should Lean Into Diverse Messaging

Basically, this commercial is all about team-ups and sisterhood, and it seems like the collaborative process of making it was just the same! The commercial went live on Youtube this past Friday. Despite its honorable intentions, it did generate some small yet vitriolic backlash from tweets crying "angry feminist" to people comparing it to the (in)famous Gilette ad exploring toxic masculinity.

Although some backlash is inevitable when you're taking a social or political stance anywhere, companies like Nissan and Gilette that are unafraid of asserting a positive opinion into their ad space are doing important work. And it's better for them too! Studies have shown that companies with diverse ads are more likely to experience gains in revenue and brand perception. And who doesn't want that?

From this new campaign to other affirming messages like Always' "Like A Girl" ad, more companies are using their marketing budgets to not just show off their products but to exemplify a positive message of change and support for the world. You may not realize how deeply intertwined advertisements and culture are, but seeing these types of messages is just one more step to changing our society for the better. No, an ad isn't going to change the law or maybe even change a mind, but it is one more whisper in the back of someone's head that maybe things could and should be different. Plus, it doesn't hurt the bottom line, either!

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Help! I’m Dating a Jerk!

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Help! I'm Dating a Jerk!

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I've been dating my boyfriend for a year. After spending some vacation time with him and realizing he is not treating me the way I like I'm wondering — what do I do? I need him to be kinder and softer to me but he says simply, "chivalry is not his thing." I believe when two people decide to be together they need to adjust to each other. I don't think or feel my boyfriend is adjusting to what's important to me. Should I try to explain to him what's important to me, accept him for what he is, or leave him as I'm just not happy and the little gestures are important to me?
- Loveless Woman

Dear Loveless Woman,

I am saddened you aren't getting your needs met in your relationship. Intimacy and affection are important to sustain a healthy relationship. It's troubling that even though you have expressed your needs to your boyfriend that it's fallen on deaf ears. You need to explore, with a therapist, why you have sought out this type of relationship and why you have stayed in it, even when it's making you chronically unhappy? Your belief that couples should adjust to each other is correct to some degree. These things often include compromising and bending on things like who gets the bigger closet or where to go for dinner. However, it's a tall order to ask someone to change their personality and if your boyfriend is indeed a jerk, like you say, who refuses to acknowledge your love language or express kindness and softness, then maybe you should find a partner who will embrace you while being chivalrous.

- The Armchair Psychologist

Update to HELP! My Date is Uncircumcised and I'm Grossed Out!

Hi Armchair Psychologist,
Just wanted to let you know that your article was really offensive to read. Do you refer to women's genitals as: "gross," "ghasty," "smelly," or otherwise? Humans are not perfect, each of us is different and you should emphasize this. I hope that man finds a partner that will love and accept him rather than tearing him down. Which gender has a whole aisle devoted to their "special" hygiene needs? I can tell you it's not men.
With love,
Male Reader

Dear Male Reader,

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback to my Armchair Psychologist column. My email response bounced so am writing you here. I am so sorry I offended you. It wasn't my intention. I actually meant to be sardonic and make the writer see how ridiculous she sounded for the harsh language she used to describe her date. I obviously failed at this sneer since you think I meant to be offensive. Many apologies. I'll do better. Have a wonderful day and keep writing us with your thoughts.

- Ubah, The Armchair Psychologist

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