Achieving the Natural Look with Makeup

There are many women who like to wear makeup to enhance their appearance but don't necessarily want to look as though they are wearing a lot of makeup. While some may think that it is pointless to wear makeup in order to look natural, this is not the case.

Many people who have studied at beauty school in Peoria will tell you that makeup can be used to create a natural but very healthy glow. So, while you do not look like you are wearing makeup, your skin and appearance still get a helping hand. In fact, natural-looking makeup has become increasingly popular over recent years, with many celebrities opting for that healthy, natural look with the help of makeup and makeup artists.

Some Tips on Achieving the Look

There are a number of ways in which you can achieve that natural look rather than wearing makeup that is heavy and obvious. The first is to switch your foundation for a BB cream, which will both moisturize and add a healthy glow to your face. There are many BB creams on the market these days from a range of well-known manufacturers. Just as you would with foundation, you can find the one that best matches your skin color to ensure a really natural look after application. If you prefer to continue with a foundation, make sure you go for a light coverage one that will not look heavy and obvious when applied.

After applying your BB cream or foundation along with concealer, choose a neutral shade for your eyes. You can get some wonderful matte light brown shades that look great but are also very subtle. For the natural look, you won't need to wear any eyeliner but make sure you use some mascara to open up those eyes. Don't go too heavy with the mascara – just use a single coat to bring out the best in your eyes without making your lashes look too heavy.

Cream blusher is an excellent choice if you want to show off a natural glow and a dewy finish, which is definitely on-trend these days. You can choose from a number of different shades to suit your skin tone. When applying the cream blusher, apply to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upward. Also, only use a little at a time to achieve the right level of blush.

Finally, when it comes to the lips, choose a natural shade to complement your look. Light and mid-browns are a great choice as are pale pinks. Again, your skin tone and personal preference will help you to decide which color you should go for. This will give you the perfect finish for your natural look makeup.

Great for Work and Day Wear

This natural look is perfect for work or during the day when you don't want to look laden down with makeup, but you still want to look good. The great this is that it is easy to transform to a nighttime look by simply adding a more intense color to the eyes and lips.

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Help! My Friend Is a No Show

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Help! My Friend Is a No Show

Dear Armchair Psychologist,

I have a friend who doesn't reply to my messages about meeting for dinner, etc. Although, last week I ran into her at a local restaurant of mine, it has always been awkward to be friends with her. Should I continue our friendship or discontinue it? We've been friends for a total four years and nothing has changed. I don't feel as comfortable with her as my other close friends, and I don't think I'll ever be able to reach that comfort zone in pure friendship.


Dear Sadsies,

I am sorry to hear you've been neglected by your friend. You may already have the answer to your question, since you're evaluating the non-existing bond between yourself and your friend. However, I'll gladly affirm to you that a friendship that isn't reciprocated is not a good friendship.

I have had a similar situation with a friend whom I'd grown up with but who was also consistently a very negative person, a true Debby Downer. One day, I just had enough of her criticism and vitriol. I stopped making excuses for her and dumped her. It was a great decision and I haven't looked back. With that in mind, it could be possible that something has changed in your friend's life, but it's insignificant if she isn't responding to you. It's time to dump her and spend your energy where it's appreciated. Don't dwell on this friend. History is not enough to create a lasting bond, it only means just that—you and your friend have history—so let her be history!

- The Armchair Psychologist

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