7 Things To Include In An Email So You Actually Get A Response


If you have ever wondered why an email you sent never got the love it deserved, it's important to take a step back and dissect what it is you actually sent in that email. Did you write way too much that it would take the person a half hour to read through the whole thing? Were you wishy washy about what it is you wanted to hear back from them about? Did you passive-aggressively try to correct somebody in a tone that seemed condescending over helpful?

While at the time, you may have thought your email gave off the vibe you wanted it to, but looking back, you may notice things that you could have changed or rearranged that would make the person eager to hit the reply button and send you a response.

Looking for tips and tricks to make sure that happens? Here are things to include in an email so you actually get a response.

1. A Question

One way to help get a response is to ask a question at the end of the email. Make the question one that they would be eager to respond to, whether it's asking them for a piece of advice or about their favorite (fill in the blank).

2. A Meeting Suggestion

If the main purpose of your email is book a meeting with that person, instead of asking if they would like to meet, make a suggestion of when and where. That way, the person can check their schedule and get back to you saying "yes" or suggesting a time that works better for them instead.

3. A Piece of Advice

Make your email have something inside of it that helps out the other person. One of those things can be a piece of advice or a suggestion. Perhaps giving them the name of a book or podcast they should listen to with an explanation of why'd they like it and what benefit they could get from it.

4. A Clear Ask

Making sure that you are as specific as possible with the content inside of your email is always a big help when it comes to getting a response. Instead of being wishy washy about what you'd like from that person, whether it's their help, a phone call, or for them to provide you with a resource, just come out and say it in the email.

5. A Catchy Subject Line

Before you worry about what is inside of your email, spend time focusing on how you'll get them to open it. Start by making a list of fun and catchy subject lines that will grab their attention. Once you've put thought into this, you may find yourself with a subject line that will automatically make them engaged and interested in your email.

6. A Website Link

Instead of crowding your email with lots of information about you or your business, keep the email short and instead include website links so that they have a place to find more if they chose to learn more about you or your company.

7. Photos or Videos

A great way to keep your email more visual and less wordy is by including attachments of photos or a video they can watch for more info or even for a good laugh.

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