6 Ways to Tell If Your Cannabis is Good Quality (GBX)

Because there are so many different factors that affect the quality of a cannabis product, it is important to know how to distinguish quality marijuana from low-quality substitutes, such as compressed commercial bud or scuffed bud. There are telltale signs that any cannabis connoisseur can pick up on if they spend a little time inspecting their cannabis before they buy it. Let's review some of the qualities of bad and good marijuana below.

1: Is it Scuffed?

One of the worst tricks that anyone will play on you is scuffing your buds. This is a common trick that is played on the travelers to Amsterdam when they come to the cannabis shops for a toke.

Because tourists are not used to the high quality of marihuana that is available at these shops, the owners will scuff (remove) the resin glands from the buds. It is the resins that contain the THC, the chief activator of the euphoric buzz. Once you steal the resin glands for your own private hash, you have effectively reduced the bud to an empty shell of herbaceous flavor.

2: Is it Compressed?

Brick weed is a common staple for smugglers who want to move large amounts of product across the borders illegally. Whether it is compressed B.C. buds or Mexican marijuana, the quality of this ganja is lacking. The marijuana is compressed into large bricks for transport that are often urinated on to mask the odor.

Once it reaches its destination, the dealers will fluff up the buds and increase their sale weight by misting them with some water. The water hydrates the weed, reduces the volatility of the burn, which, in turn, increases the THC levels to make them happy.

Because heat destroys THC, these just-add-water buds seem to be of a higher quality than the 3 to 5 percent THC levels that you'll find. And the smugglers always bring in some red-haired buds for the holidays as a special treat to rejoice in the giving season with Christmas weed.

3: Is it Sensimilla?

There is no sense in purchasing seedy weed. Plants that are allowed to form seeds already decrease their resin and THC production. The solution for most growers is to simply kill all the males once they reach the flowering phase and start showing their sex organs in the crotches of the plant. Sensimilla is often produced by clones or creating ideal conditions to raise all female plants.

4: Is it Dank?

Although odor alone does not always indicate the quality of marijuana, the skunky buds or citrusy buds will have a wonderful aroma. You can tell that someone took a lot of care in cultivating these plants if they impress the nose. As stated, low-grade weed may smell like urine or moldy because it is transported in bulk and sold for volume rather than quality.

5: Is it Full of Crystals?

The kind buds will all be full of the heavy snow-white crystals and sticky resin glands. Although crystals don't equate to high THC content, they are a clue that someone has grown out a special strain. You can check the trichomes with a magnifying glass and tell if the buds were properly harvested by the milky translucency.

Trichomes that are too clear were harvested too early. If they are too white, this would be a sign of a late harvest and higher CBD content. Because trichomes degrade so quickly under heat, packaging, and handling, only premium buds will have an impressive and fresh display of trichomes like those seen in magazines.

6: What is the Name of the Strain?

The name of a strain can mean a lot. Although low-grade versions of potent strains exist, anything with Afghani, Snow White, Widow, Cinderella, Cookies, Diesel, Blueberry, or any of the other famous strains are sure to pack a punch. If you are buying what is called a one-hit-wonder from a marijuana dispensary Canada, you should proceed with caution. Just one puff of this stuff can be enough to say "enough" because the euphoria and mind-altering effects are intense.

Buy High-Quality Buds Now

Why guess how strong your stash is? When you buy from the top marijuana dispensary Canada, you know that you are getting the highest grade of cannabis available. Because Canadian dispensaries are serious about their quality due to the legality and prevalence of use, you can rest assured that your buds aren't scuffed or crushed.

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How and Why Overconfident Male CEOs Destroy Companies

It's good to see that more and more attention is being paid to issues regarding toxicity in the workplace. At the same time, people have started to wise up to the problems related to gender differences and the extra divide that comes from that direction. There has been a lot of research on the topic too, and one particular trend has started to materialize lately: it's becoming more and more clear that some men in high positions of authority have a tendency to let that power go to their heads, and they subsequently end up undermining the performance of their entire operations and let their businesses run into red.

Toxicity at the Workplace Can Happen at All Levels

Toxic behavior is not limited to low-ranking employees, rather it is quite on the contrary. Research from the Harvard Business Review, has shown that men, of a CEO position, tend to be more prone to developing and displaying such behavior. There have been instances of overconfidence from higher-ups resulting in the ruin of entire organizations, as shown by the latest research from Company Rescue which tell us that UK SMEs with men on the board are more likely to go bust. So how do we resolve this issue?

It's Not an Easy Problem to Tackle

It's a very complicated problem to address in the first place because it spans across multiple areas of the organization and requires a good approach to all of them. It's important to have good communication with the company's leadership, ensure that there are adequate channels for voicing concerns, and even then, you'll still have to deal with the problem that overconfident people tend to have issues with being confronted in the first place.

Don't be surprised if your feedback falls on deaf ears – it's an expected part of doing this. Be prepared to take some harsh measures as well. If you realize that the company is beyond saving, talk to insolvency practitioners, such as Company Rescue, to ensure that you have a smooth exit. They can give expert advice to guide you through the process.

Identifying Problematic Patterns

It's a good idea for an organization to know how to identify these patterns before they turn detrimental. From doing this, the toxic behavior can be addressed at its root instead of letting it fester. Ensure that employees have some way of reporting issues on this front. For example, if women have a problem tied to gender imbalance. Whenever an issue is identified, make sure to act on it as fast as possible. In this scenario, perhaps hiring more women could help?

All in all, overconfidence in the workplace rarely leads to anything productive. Dealing with it requires a determined approach and you must be prepared to face some resistance along the way. To maximise your company's chance of survival in the long run, ensure to pay attention to these issues and resolve them as soon as possible.