6 Simple Projects That Can Make Your Room Look More Awesome

Changing up your room is something that can turn your living space into a place that impresses you and guests. Whether it is a bedroom, living room, or a basement, there is always something you can add or renovate to bring new life to the area.

Aside from the actual handy work, the biggest hurdle might be finding the inspiration for a project you want to tackle. When there are so many options to choose from it can feel overwhelming to narrow it down to a few solid ideas.

If that sounds like the problem you are having, then check out these 6 simple projects to make any room more awesome.

Statement Wall

In design terms, a statement wall is a singular wall in a room that demands attention. The reason might be to make the space feel larger, it could be to distract from something less than stellar, or it could be to add color in one unique pattern compared to everything else.

Large mirrors help open up rooms and a funky polka dot pattern could turn a plain white room into art, or you can even go for something personal with Christian Walls and show off your faith. The point of a statement wall is to wow guests and bring new life through a singular dimension.

Floating Shelves

Finding a place for your furniture is part of the interior design skill. You want everything to fit perfectly and compliment the room and each other. Finding shelving units or styles that fit right and do not take up too much space can be a struggle which is why floating shelves might be the solution to your space issues.

Floating shelves are easy to install, take up minimal room that can be used for other furniture, and look hip and modern. Improving your rooms can be as easy as that.

Bed Under-lighting

Lighting fixtures only offer so much style. You can use dimmers, filters, colored bulbs, and other tricks, but maybe you are looking for a real showstopper. Under-bed lighting can turn your room into a nightlife-like experience and offer a really cool experience.

Most bed under-lighting installments are quick and easy, and they can be customizable. Whether you want red, green, blue, or a rotating assortment of hues, you can find something that makes your room blow people's minds with how awesome it is.

Fold-Out Desk Space

Again, finding space for all the important furniture is something that does not always come easy. If you work from home or just need a dedicated area to get your work or studies done, then a desk is a must. Most desks take up some serious square footage that could be used for movement throughout the house or for more furniture.

An interesting and modern take on this problem is the fold-out desk. Like a fold-out bed, these can be covertly designed into the wall for easy access, efficiency, all without sacrificing on the aesthetic value of the room or the desk.

While not the smallest of projects, there are enough DIY tutorials out there to help. Besides, the desk might be integral to your lifestyle so it is important that you make the space available for it.

Indoor Garden

Adding life to a house is important for making it into a home. Paint jobs and furniture is great but to truly express a feeling of livability you want it to feel lived in. One way you can achieve that effect is by cultivating or creating an indoor garden. It does not need to be fancy with installation, you can simply hang or place plants around an area to add greenery.

If you do want to get crazy, there are stand-up garden potters that can improve the feeling of livelihood in the home without taking up too much space. You can even get a self-watering plant system for extended periods away from home so your delicate little plants will thrive at all times. In sunrooms, hanging plants can add some serious charm and character.

Home Theatre Setup

Last but not least, something everyone can enjoy, a home theatre setup. Most of the difficult labour can be done by an electrician or A/V specialist to avoid damaging any important wires, but a home theatre setup is actually quite easy to create.

Your basement might feel drab and uninspired, so it is a great idea to turn it into an entertainment hub. Surround sound systems, big screen TV or projector, a popcorn machine, bar, there is a lot of potential to add-on and grow a home theatre into an amazing den to relax in.

Turning any room in the home into a new project is exciting because you get to make it new again. Finding the right project idea is always the first step before turning that excitement into a real piece of work, and these 6 ideas can help you get started faster.

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Please Don't Forget to Say Thank You

"More grapes, please," my daughter asked, as she continued to color her Peppa Pig drawing at the kitchen table.

"What do you say?" I asked her, as I was about to hand her the bowl.

"More grapes?"

I shook my head.


I stood there.

"I want green grapes instead of red grapes?"

I shook my head again. I handed her the bowl of green grapes. "Thank you. Please don't forget to say thank you."

"Thank you, Momma!"

Here's the question at hand: Do we have to retrain our leaders to say thank you like I am training my children?

Many of us are busy training our young children on manners on the other side of the Zoom camera during this pandemic. Reminding them to say please, excuse me, I tried it and it's not my favorite, I am sorry, and thank you. And yet somehow simple manners continue to be undervalued and underappreciated in our workplaces. Because who has time to say thank you?

"Call me. This needs to be completed in the next hour."

"They didn't like the deck. Needs to be redone."

"When are you planning on sending the proposal?"

"Did you see the questions he asked? Where are the responses?"

"Needs to be done by Monday."

Let me take a look. I didn't see a please. No please. Let me re-read it again. Nope, no thank you either. Sure, I'll get to that right away. Oh yes, you're welcome.

Organizations are under enormous pressure in this pandemic. Therefore, leaders are under enormous pressure. Business models collapsing, budget cuts, layoffs, or scrapping plans… Companies are trying to pivot as quickly as possible—afraid of extinction. With employees and leaders everywhere teaching and parenting at home, taking care of elderly parents, or maybe even living alone with little social interaction, more and more of us are dealing with all forms of grief, including losing loved ones to COVID-19.

So we could argue we just don't have time to say thank you; we don't have time to express gratitude. There's too much happening in the world to be grateful for anything. We are all living day to day, the pendulum for us swinging between surviving and thriving. But if we don't have the time to be grateful now, to show gratitude and thanks as we live through one of the most cataclysmic events in recent human history, when will we ever be thankful?

If you don't think you have to say thank you; if you don't think they deserve a thank you (it's their job, it's what they get paid to do); or if you think, "Why should I say thank you, no one ever thanks me for anything?" It's time to remember that while we might be living through one of the worst recessions of our lifetimes, the market will turn again. Jobs will open up, and those who don't feel recognized or valued will be the first to go. Those who don't feel appreciated and respected will make the easy decision to work for leaders who show gratitude.

But if we don't have the time to be grateful now, to show gratitude and thanks as we live through one of the most cataclysmic events in recent human history, when will we ever be thankful?

Here's the question at hand: Do we have to retrain our leaders to say thank you like I am training my children? Remind them with flashcards? Bribe them with a cookie? Tell them how I proud I am of them when they say those two magical words?

Showing gratitude isn't that difficult. You can send a thoughtful email or a text, send a handwritten card, send something small as a gesture of thank you, or just tell them. Call them and tell them how thankful you are for them and for their contributions. Just say thank you.

A coworker recently mailed me a thank you card, saying how much she appreciated me. It was one of the nicest things anyone from work has sent me during this pandemic. It was another reminder for me of how much we underestimate the power of a thank you card.

Apparently, quarantine gratitude journals are all the rage right now. So it's great if you have a beautiful, leather-bound gratitude journal. You can write down all of the people and the things that you are thankful for in your life. Apparently, it helps you sleep better, helps you stay grounded, and makes you in general happier. Just don't forget to take a moment to stop writing in that journal, and to show thanks and gratitude to those you are working with every single day.