6 Reasons to Invest in a Stationary Exercise Bike

If you are like millions of people who want to get more active but are unsure of where to start, then a stationary exercise bike might be exactly what you did not know you needed. Stationary bikes offer a lot of potential for even the most beginner fitness buffs.

The idea of a stationary exercise bike might be appealing but you are unsure if it is right for you. That is understandable because any piece of workout equipment should be viewed as an investment, not just in the product, but in yourself. Here are 6 reasons why you should make that investment.

1. Quality Exercise

The use of a stationary exercise bike can provide a really quality workout. These bikes provide great workouts for the leg muscle groups and a great cardio workout in the comfort of your own home. Even just 30 minutes on a stationary bike can help burn roughly 400 calories, which is a lot considering the length of the workout. Definitely a worthy investment for your workouts and gives you a lot of time to do other things in your life. The quality of your exercise is as important as the results, and cycling on a stationary bike is great for muscle building and cardio simultaneously.

2. Plenty of Options

As with most workout equipment, there is a lot of competition in the market to provide the best possible product and experience. This benefits you as there are features you may or may not want in some bikes, cost considerations, or brands you have bought before. Doing your research, there are tons of choices, and if you are comparing Echelon to other brands, you can make an informed decision based on a wide range of bikes rather than buying the first that pops up. The amount of options gives you the power to buy what you want for your needs.

3. Easy to Use

Just like riding a real bike, this workout equipment is incredibly simple to use. Even though many brands are introducing more advanced and intricate features, like onboard workouts with trainers through subscription services and screens, the general premise and exercise motion is still just pedaling.

So even if you are not sure how to work all the fancy features, you know you can get that quality workout without needing to read the manual too much.

4. No Need for Gym Membership

The biggest benefit that a stationary exercise bike offers for many buyers is that it reduces or even eliminates the need for a gym membership. Sometimes it is because they feel intimidated at the gym, sometimes they do not have the time, or sometimes they do not want to spend the money, in any case, an at-home workout is a good alternative to the gym. Another benefit is the ability to put in a good exercise session no matter the conditions outside. Whether it is raining or snowing, or just too hot out for a cycling session, the stationary bike can give you a comfortable workout in the safety of your home.

5. Whole Family Can Use

If it is easy for you to use then it is easy for your family to use as well. Getting everyone in the household to start exercising more can be quite a challenge because of those concerns with the gym and all the running around you do in your work and personal life. Having a stationary exercise bike at home incentivizes other members of your house to get into exercising as well and sets a good and healthy example for kids. In a literal sense too, the stationary bike can be used by children for exercise in a safe manner if you do not want them using elaborate equipment or potentially unsafe weight lifting workouts for their age.

6. Requires Little Space

The last reason for investing in a quality stationary exercise bike is the fact that you get all of these benefits in such a small package. Stationary bikes can get rather large at times but for most models, the size is negligible in your home. Having this effective of a workout device inside your own home that takes up only a fraction of the floor space is a blessing compared to some of the larger, bulkier, and more expensive workout gear that is out there. Many stationary bike models are becoming lighter with new frame materials and offer flexible storage solutions with upright folding. If you want a good at-home exercise machine but lack the space, then stationary bikes are hard to beat.

Investing in workout equipment is about more than just purchasing an exercise machine. It is an investment in your health and your future. This is also true for investing in the health of the family if you buy workout equipment for home use. The stationary exercise bike is a perfect marriage of purpose and convenience and can be useful for anyone's home.

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Please Don't Forget to Say Thank You

"More grapes, please," my daughter asked, as she continued to color her Peppa Pig drawing at the kitchen table.

"What do you say?" I asked her, as I was about to hand her the bowl.

"More grapes?"

I shook my head.


I stood there.

"I want green grapes instead of red grapes?"

I shook my head again. I handed her the bowl of green grapes. "Thank you. Please don't forget to say thank you."

"Thank you, Momma!"

Here's the question at hand: Do we have to retrain our leaders to say thank you like I am training my children?

Many of us are busy training our young children on manners on the other side of the Zoom camera during this pandemic. Reminding them to say please, excuse me, I tried it and it's not my favorite, I am sorry, and thank you. And yet somehow simple manners continue to be undervalued and underappreciated in our workplaces. Because who has time to say thank you?

"Call me. This needs to be completed in the next hour."

"They didn't like the deck. Needs to be redone."

"When are you planning on sending the proposal?"

"Did you see the questions he asked? Where are the responses?"

"Needs to be done by Monday."

Let me take a look. I didn't see a please. No please. Let me re-read it again. Nope, no thank you either. Sure, I'll get to that right away. Oh yes, you're welcome.

Organizations are under enormous pressure in this pandemic. Therefore, leaders are under enormous pressure. Business models collapsing, budget cuts, layoffs, or scrapping plans… Companies are trying to pivot as quickly as possible—afraid of extinction. With employees and leaders everywhere teaching and parenting at home, taking care of elderly parents, or maybe even living alone with little social interaction, more and more of us are dealing with all forms of grief, including losing loved ones to COVID-19.

So we could argue we just don't have time to say thank you; we don't have time to express gratitude. There's too much happening in the world to be grateful for anything. We are all living day to day, the pendulum for us swinging between surviving and thriving. But if we don't have the time to be grateful now, to show gratitude and thanks as we live through one of the most cataclysmic events in recent human history, when will we ever be thankful?

If you don't think you have to say thank you; if you don't think they deserve a thank you (it's their job, it's what they get paid to do); or if you think, "Why should I say thank you, no one ever thanks me for anything?" It's time to remember that while we might be living through one of the worst recessions of our lifetimes, the market will turn again. Jobs will open up, and those who don't feel recognized or valued will be the first to go. Those who don't feel appreciated and respected will make the easy decision to work for leaders who show gratitude.

But if we don't have the time to be grateful now, to show gratitude and thanks as we live through one of the most cataclysmic events in recent human history, when will we ever be thankful?

Here's the question at hand: Do we have to retrain our leaders to say thank you like I am training my children? Remind them with flashcards? Bribe them with a cookie? Tell them how I proud I am of them when they say those two magical words?

Showing gratitude isn't that difficult. You can send a thoughtful email or a text, send a handwritten card, send something small as a gesture of thank you, or just tell them. Call them and tell them how thankful you are for them and for their contributions. Just say thank you.

A coworker recently mailed me a thank you card, saying how much she appreciated me. It was one of the nicest things anyone from work has sent me during this pandemic. It was another reminder for me of how much we underestimate the power of a thank you card.

Apparently, quarantine gratitude journals are all the rage right now. So it's great if you have a beautiful, leather-bound gratitude journal. You can write down all of the people and the things that you are thankful for in your life. Apparently, it helps you sleep better, helps you stay grounded, and makes you in general happier. Just don't forget to take a moment to stop writing in that journal, and to show thanks and gratitude to those you are working with every single day.