13 Harry Potter Tweets That Will Soothe Your Feminist Soul


It's Harry Potter's 20 year anniversary today and we're feeling both nostalgic and appreciative for the wonder woman that is JK Rowling.

Not only did she capture the imagination of an entire generation, but she also created a world without gender disparity in the most subtle and nuanced way.

Because of this, her female characters came to represent a cast of inspirational women for young millennials reading the potterverse to look up to. And since the Potter's end Rowling, Emma Watson and co. have become outspoken feminist icons. Indeed, Rowling is now worth an estimated one billion dollars and is one of our most celebrated examples of self made success - (we also happen to adore her blatant negation of gender tropes and passion for calling out misogyny via Twitter).

Below we round-up tweets that make for fabulous female reading, between the cast, writers and potter lovers. Happy anniversary to all.

Yass Luna. You are a goddess.

... Hermione conquers the world.

Queens Molly and Minerva to the rescue.

SWAAY lives and breathes this motto everyday. Keep trying and you will succeed.


*Cackling* we do too, honey.

Truer words were never spoken.

That's what you get for messing with this chick, Draco.

And the tweet of the year goes to...

Because being right feels good, right?

She. Don't. Need. A. Man.

Try, fail, try again, and keep trying. That's what we're best at.

OMG. Those Horcruxes would never have been found.

Let us bow to warrior princess Granger.