10 Times the Internet Won at Blasting Kalanick's Sexist Regime


Uber just can't seem to catch a break. This Tuesday, former CEO Travis Kalanick announced in a letter that he would be taking a leave of absence to cope with his mother's death. A mere few hours later, Uber board member David Bonderman resigned from his position, after being condemned for a sexist joke he made during a meeting investigating sexual harassment within the company. Needless to say, the irony was not lost on the world. All this comes after a litany of lawsuits made against the startup company, ranging from sexual assault, to harassment, to physical violence.

Following this development, much jubilation ensued, with the Twitter community capturing much of people's glee at Kalanick's departure. Here, we round up ten of the most amusing and hilarious tweets surrounding his leave.

Yes, and we couldn’t be happier. Uber is much better off as a self-driving car company than one operated by Kalanick. Far fewer accidents will occur.

He doesn’t need much practice at being a toxic scumbag, though – he’s already a pro.

Or when his eyes are opened. We’re not picky how it happens.

We're sorry to women everywhere that this would even be a concern.

We hope it's not too late for Uber, and that the toxins haven't permeated throughout the company.

Pretty sure. If you have to wonder, then we’re pretty sure you’re an asshole.

Shocker of the decade. Not.

Better safe than sorry, amirite?!

You’ll definitely need a lifetime of toilet paper to clean up the shit left by Uber and Trump.

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